GODIVA Signature Chocolate Tablet 

Launch four new chocolate varieties in conjunction with Indonesian Independence day 

GODIVA Chocolatier unveiled four new chocolate varieties in August in harmony with Indonesia’s diversity and Independent spirit. These four variations— 72% Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate —are categorized as Signature Chocolate Tablet which is a self-treat item and are suitable for individual consumption. 

Nearly 100 years after being founded in Brussels, GODIVA continues to honor its Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of GODIVA chocolate is bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and wonderful ingredients. The diverse range of ingredients is what has allowed GODIVA to exist up until today and be loved for so long. Every variant has a distinct flavor to cater to all consumers’ palates. 

Since GODIVA’s first presence in Indonesia in 2013, we have endeavored to continue providing a variety of chocolate flavors to Indonesians who are longing for luxurious chocolate for a daily indulgence. People have different preferences in chocolate; some prefer dark, milk, or maybe white chocolate. GODIVA responded by providing a wide selection of chocolate for everyone, just like Indonesia, a country with a rich cultural heritage. 

“Diverse is a word that captures both the culture and natural beauty of Indonesia as well as the GODIVA chocolate variety. August is the perfect time to introduce GODIVA’s newest chocolate to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day. There is no question that eating chocolate to celebrate something is appropriate,” said Anthony Cottan, President Director of PT Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk. 

“GODIVA not only offers four new chocolate varieties but to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day GODIVA also has a Unity Gift Set that was inspired by Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. The Unity Gift Set was made to reflect the philosophy. Each unique variation of the Signature Chocolate Tablet is a representation of Indonesia’s diversity, appreciating individuality while still completing one another. This promotion will only be available in August” said Dini Alamanda Arizully, Brand Manager of GODIVA Chocolatier. 

People have varied preferences for milk chocolate and dark chocolate, so GODIVA introduced these two flavors in 4 variants, so everyone can enjoy their favorite chocolate. To get GODIVA’s latest variant, visit our nearest store or you can order via E-Commerce and GoFood. 

Milk Chocolate 

Say hello to your new daily indulgence, the best chocolate treat for satisfying those chocolate cravings. Taste the superior quality with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate of rich chocolate notes and a harmonious cocoa finish. We think this will be your new go-to snack for anytime, anywhere enjoyment! Everyone will appreciate the delectable taste of these luxury chocolate bars.

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