Dash Sports Presents Dash Fest 2022

  • Celebrating National Sports Day and 2 Years of Brilliance
  • The First Ever Sports Hub Digital Platform in Indonesia 
  • The Dash Fest 2022 Presents a Series of Family Sports Events Featuring Entertainment, Competition and Challenge in 5 Sports Fields Available for Sports Activists and Fans for Children and Adults

Dash Sports is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. The first digital sports hub in Indonesia enables sports activists and fans to connect with clubs, events and communities. The special moment is marked by initiating Dash Fest 2022, a sports festival for the entire family which will be held from 9 to 11 of September, 2022 in a number of venues in Jakarta featuring a number of sports fields such as aquathlon, swimming, basket ball, tennis and athletic.

Initiator and CEO of Dash Sports, Alit Aryaguna mentioned, “Initiated in 2020, Dash Sports was born out of a running community and the love for sports, and now has developed into a digital platform providing sports services with a lot of supporting features.”

“In celebrating its 2nd year and the National Sports Day, Dash Sports presents Dash Fest 2022, a sports celebration packed into one Special Day for The Family to learn more about the kinds of sports they are fond of, discover new ones, develop new skills and seek new friends as well as Getting To Know More About Competition.”

“It’s going to be a very festive weekend filled with a lot of activities while at the same time bringing to the family the best sports festival consisting of entertainment, competition and challenge. We are targeting Dash Fest 2022 to have up to 500 participants both kids and adult.” 

Furthermore, Alit explained that Dash Fest 2022 is taking advantage of the post-pandemic positive trend where sports activities and events are starting to making their way back into the public arena. It has become our dreams to see different sports events being held again across the country both at regional, national and international level.

On the other hand, as a part of the sports industry ecosystem, Dash Sports will continue developing the best technology and features to satisfy spots lover across the country.

Chief Strategic Officer of Dash Sports, Imam Sulisto said that the sports industry and activity are making their come back, supported by the public’s awareness of a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic. This is also shown in the increasing number of events and participants this year, both domestic and international.

Dash Sports is committed to continue its support for the government and sports lovers by bringing a number of events in different fields once every three or six months. Dash Sports is also trying to establish partnership to continue to become a supporting key in Indonesian’s sports industry ecosystem.

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