Jimbaran Puri, A Belmond Hotel, Bali Elevates Its Authentic Experiences Through Collaborations with Local Artisans

The tableware is handcrafted by Kevala Ceramics, the leading ceramic producer in Bali that makes handcrafted, original designs of stoneware products with a vision to build a business centered around the unrivalled talent of local artisans.

Each piece is individually crafted and unique using clay that is formulated from quality materials sourced from all over the world. Traditional and modern tooling combined resulted in products that last lifetime and durable. Kevala works with over 100 Balinese artisans, drawn from a region famous for its skilled craftspeople.

These collaborations with local artisans are also empowering the local community. Ong Cen Kuang collaborates with Balinese artisan and crafters. Meanwhile, Sanss Studio provides a platform for moms in Bali who have lost jobs during covid to bring out their talents through hand-crafts and 90% of staff at Werdhi Budaya Ikat are moms in Klungkung area.

Jimbaran Puri prioritises its commitment to developing an on-going programme of initiatives to contribute to the protection of the environment through a variety of projects including sourcing local produce, working closely with local suppliers and artisans to minimise carbon footprint, developing a carefully crafted sustainable menu and effective policies in waste management.

The in-house team also innovates eco-enzymes, a liquid of complex organic substances produced through the fermentation process from the resort’s organic green and food waste. With this programme, Jimbaran Puri is able to produce its own organic compost for natural fertiliser and purifying groundwater, diminishing the use of chemical substances while managing its own organic waste.

Identifying an opportunity to encourage guests to learn and appreciate local craftsmanship, Jimbaran Puri is committed to collaborating with Bali-based artists to bring an authentic Balinese experience to the resort while at the same time empowering and supporting the local artisans’ industry, a commitment that was demonstrated throughout the pandemic. Continuing its long term support to Balinese craftsmanship, Jimbaran Puri utilises locally- sourced materials such as bamboo, teak and alang-alang thatch in the high-beamed ceilings in each of the resort’s villas.

Guests are invited to experience the new Nelayan Restaurant and savour the exquisite flavours starting from September 2022.

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