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Two New Seafood Menu is Now Available in Subway and Introducing SisWAY, Subway’s New Mascot Icon in Indonesia

Summer has arrived, and it’s the best time to enjoy life on the beach while watching the waves crash. In line with the summertime mood, Subway’s new menu contains beach- themed summer fun. Starting today, the two newest seafood menus, Seafood Sensation and Spicy Shrimp Buffalo, are available in all Subway restaurants. At the same time as the launch of the two new menus, Subway is also introducing SisWAY, its new mascot in Indonesia, who will feature alongside MinWAY on Subway’s social media channels.

Customers’ preferences and demands are so high that Subway is considering adding another menu Seafood Sensation and Spicy Shrimp Buffalo. Subway’s menu is now more diverse, and it will continue to do so.

“Evaluating the growth of Subway in Indonesia over the last seven months, which is becoming increasingly popular and sought after, the greater our desire to serve the best to our guests. Our approach to addressing customer demands is to open several new outlets in new locations and also add more choices on the menu in response to their requests. After Surabaya, we want to open several other locations in Bandung and Bogor. Similarly with the menu, if previously we only have one seafood option, that is tuna, our customers now have more options on the seafood menu,” said Anthony Cottan, President Director of PT Map Boga Adiperkasa, Tbk.

“Social media helps us in communicating with our customers. They utilize social media to communicate their preferences, asking to open a nearby location or a menu that they love but isn’t yet available in Indonesia. Customers in Indonesia have made the most requests for these two menus. As a result, we now offer both menus to satisfy our customers’ needs,” said Silvia Muryadi, Head of Marketing of Subway Indonesia.

For crab lovers, Seafood Sensation is a must-try. A fresh crab meat with thousand island as a recommendation sauce. Another menu is for shrimp lovers, the combination of buffalo sauce and mayonnaise will make Spicy Shrimp Buffalo, a dish that you want to eat repeatedly.

Silvia added that in order to keep customers aware of our brand, we need to keep up with the current trend. MinWAY, Subway’s favorite mascot in Indonesia who was born on social media, has become highly popular on Tiktok and Instagram. MinWAY will now have a new companion, whom we shall refer to as SisWAY. They both will operate continuously on Subway’s social media accounts to share updates about the company and will continue to perform dance covers of well-known songs.

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