The Powerpuff Girls

VALENCIA by Enrica Collaborates with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to Create Footwear Collection Featuring the Powerpuff Girls

Debuting in 2017, VALENCIA by Enrica (VBE) continues to innovate. The latest is its 2022 collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Enrica Valencia CEO and Founder VALENCIA by Enrica says since its inception, VBE has been all about creating authentic footwear that provides comfort and confidence to wearers.

”Collaborations have always been VBE’s character in creating new products with distinctive values. This way, consumers would see that VBE emphasizes comfort and effort to raise its product value through collaboration with fashion icons, including global brands, renowned Indonesian designers, influencers, and celebrities. Right now, we are looking into collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products,” Enrica says.

“Warner Bros. Consumer Products has inspired VBE to continue creating the best footwear for fashion enthusiasts in Indonesia. This collaboration will be about girl power-themed footwear, inspired by Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls (PPG)” Enrica says.

The PPG-themed footwear takes cues from the signature colors of the characters, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The first Volume of The Powerpuff Girls will feature a very soft take with its pastel tone and subtle touch of The Powerpuff Girls’ elements.

Developed with new technique that VBE has never done before, the collection will serve our customers with out-of-the-box shoes they’ve never seen before from our previous collections.

“These VBE footwears will feature bold pastel color. Each detail will outline the characters, and their image will also appear on the throat part,” Erica explains.

According to Enrica, The Powerpuff Girls Collection will cement VBE’s character as a homegrown footwear producer that employs dynamic, professional artisans.

“We are continuously innovating and showing that local footwear brands could go international and be loved by fashionistas here and abroad,” Enrica says.

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