Nippon Paint Assists Pandemic-affected Fishermen Community in Bandengan Village, Cirebon with Boat Maintenance

Bandengan Village Head Nining Suningsih, better known as Kuwu Nining, states, “Almost 90% of the villagers are fishers, and their livelihood depends on fisheries. During west monsoon periods, they would seek fish around the Cirebon regency.”

“But peak catch usually only lasts one to two weeks. When it’s the east monsoon period, typically around the 7th to 10th month, they would sail around Jakarta and CIlacap. Therefore, this donation is very helpful to keep their vessels safe during these trips.”

“We hope this support from Nippon Paint Indonesia could stimulate the economic activities for 350 residents of Bandengan village in the future,’ Topan adds.

About Nippon Paint Indonesia

Founded in 1881, Nippon Paint is a pioneer of paint manufacturing in Japan. Nippon Paint is Asia-Pacific’s no. 1 paint brand with sales in 15 countries, thanks to its high-quality product and innovative breakthroughs.

Many in the automotive industry have chosen Nippon Paint products, including Toyota, Honda, and Yamaha. It is also a leading producer of wood paints, topcoats, and Ship paints.

Nippon Paint’s achievements have been recognized both globally and nationally with awards such as Best Company for Leadership Awards in Paint Technology Asia from IAIR, Company of the Year from Frost Sullivan, TOP Brand, and Superbrand.

Currently, Nippon Paint owns three factories and 40 distribution points across Indonesia. It also employs more than 3000 workers and continues to be committed to providing the best solutions for all your paint needs.

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