The Slate Stimulates the Senses with New Scent Corner for Guests to Create Their Own Tropical Essential Oils

Phuket’s whimsical, art-inspired resort completes its multi-sensory in-stay experience by allowing visitors to blend their own floral oil that will transport them to the shores of the Andaman Sea, even after they return home

The Slate, the whimsical, art-inspired resort on Phuket’s secluded northwest shore, believes that travel is more than just a physical activity; it is a multi-sensory adventure that encompasses sights, sounds, feelings, flavours and fragrances. Together, these stimulating sensations create a truly immersive experience that lingers in the body and mind long after the guest returns home.

The Slate has developed a selection of five fragrances: its signature Ilusión plus Opus, Brill, Rhyme and Allure

To enhance this emotional connection, The Slate has now unveiled its new “Scent Corner”, which showcases the resort’s own customised selection of organic perfumed oils. Personally curated by the hotel’s co-founder and owner, Krystal Prakaikaew Na- Ranong (or “Khun Moo” as she is known to her friends), the new scents reflect the tropical fragrances of Phuket by blending natural ingredients inspired by the resort’s gardens.

A choice of oils are available. Ilusión exudes sultry notes of white champaka, the signature fragrance of The Slate, to carry guests’ senses back to this blissful beachside sanctuary. This heady base can be enjoyed individually or blended with one of four other fragrances: Opus, which embraces the essence of religiosa petals, woody notes and native herbs to create an otherworldly aroma; Brill, which unleashes the freshness of summer with hints of citrus fruits, garden herbs and jasmine; Rhyme, which fuses blue chamomile and geranium to evoke a feeling of vitality and wellness; and Allure, which is inspired by the intensity and elegance of Southeast Asia with notes of ylang-ylang and black pepper.

In-house guests and other experience-seeking visitors are invited to mix their own bespoke perfume using a blend of Ilusión and any of the four other oils. A broader collection of 24 essential oils can be discovered at The Stockroom, the resort’s boutique, allowing guests to create unique fragrances. A 30ml bottle is priced at THB 3,500 net. The Scent Corner is located in the resort’s lobby and will open daily from 09.00 to 20.00 hrs.

Perfumes or essential oils are perhaps the perfect long-term souvenir of a vacation. Scientists have discovered that humans can distinguish at least one trillion different smells1, many of which bypass the conscious part of the mind and feed directly into the brain’s subconscious. This is what makes aromas so deeply evocative, and fragrances will often remind us of a certain time or place in our lives, long after the memory has departed.

Creative guests can learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements at Helconia, the resort’s professional florist

Couples and families who want to learn a new skill while at The Slate can also now head to Heliconia, its dedicated florist, to attend a floral art class. The onsite professional will guide holidaymakers in the artful arrangement of tropical blooms, buds and verdant greenery and teach them how to trim and place the flowers in the right vessel. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Every element of The Slate is designed to be uplifting and invigorating. From the visual impact of Bill Bensley’s interior design, original artworks and installations, which can be explored in a QR code-enabled ‘Art Journey’, to the tantalising taste of authentic southern Thai cuisine at Black Ginger, the mesmerising Michelin-recommended restaurant, the healing touch of traditional wellness therapies at Coqoon Spa, and even the sound of waves lapping gently on the soft sands of Nai Yang Beach, The Slate is a sanctuary for the senses. The introduction of the new scents and Heliconia’s art classes completes the resort’s multi-sensory experience.

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