Redesigned Guest Rooms and Lift Lobby at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Elevating the hospitality experience to a new level of interplay

Internationally acclaimed architecture/design firm Remedios Studio has unveiled the reimagined design of the guest rooms and suites at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong together with lift lobby hallways. The transformation, one that is a first-of-its-kind since the hotel’s inception in 2005, reveals an interpretation of inspiration from the city’s deeply rooted heritage and richly diverse culture infused with the modern comforts and latest technology of contemporary hospitality.

Abiding to the hotel’s design ethos, Remedios Studio’s design concept not only accentuates the city’s unique traditions and rich culture but also enlivens the Four Seasons brand concept and reflects a heightened level of comfort for even the most discerning patrons; offering guests a haven from the busy city, and elevating the hospitality experience to a new level of interplay.

“We created a refined and timeless design by connecting the old with the new. Modern furnishings are crafted with classic detailing for a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance,” said Peter Remedios, Design Principal and Managing Director of Remedios Studio. 

“Chinese architectural, culture and art elements are also reflected in the lift lobby, guest rooms and suites, in turn paying homage to Hong Kong’s unique multi-cultural characteristics.”

Guest Rooms & Suites

Capturing the rich culture and heritage of Hong Kong, all 399 redesigned guest rooms and suites are adorned with Chinese-inspired elements and furnishings. Traditional Chinese landscape style ink paintings were ingeniously incorporated into wardrobe doors which introduce a touch of nature into each room and mark a signature for the new Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong look.

Additionally, patterns inspired by vernacular Chinese architecture are used on the alcove with the layering of texture and patterns.

To subtly connect the floor to wall, Remedios Studio skillfully incorporated geometric open shelving in lightly polished wood with carefully selected glassware and porcelains, mimicking the étagères of classic Ming Dynasty.

The rooms are complemented by the sheer elegance of the furnishings while the intricate attention to design details impart a feeling of luxury across the space. Furniture such as bedside tables are curated with a blend of matte finishes as well as highly polished dark veneers inspired by the elegantly burnished finishes of Ming Dynasty furniture.

The opulence is topped off with handmade leather pulls, metal trims and quilted wood veneers. Subtle detailing such as leather piping on the sofa, curved corners on cabinets and soft drawer handles further create a holistic feel to the entire room that evokes a sense of serenity.

Set against the spectacular views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, the Harbour View suites are furnished at an even more luxurious level with a dedicated “My Bar” offering amenities that are beautifully organised within the various compartments and drawers.

Featuring a rotating day bed, the refreshed layout of the bedroom cleverly incorporates a new dressing area and walk-in closet in resplendent luxury fashion.

Remedios Studio’s eye for detail can also be found in the bathroom which features uniquely coloured granite countertops with bespoke finishes, grazed by indirect lighting that puts soft but discreet lighting on surfaces where guests need it.

The guest rooms and suites are a juxtaposition of modernism and tradition, marrying the latest technologies such as state-of-the-art lighting controls with traditional design elements, in turn celebrating Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong’s vision of timeless heritage while defining the future of bespoke experiences.

The room design reflects the evolving desire for a space that captures the comfort of home. Details such as a chaise longue in the living room space and a versatile work-dining table are incorporated to enhance the guest experience, embracing our lifestyle today.

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