Victus Restaurant, A Good Food Makes a Great Day

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The food palace is an neighbourhood restaurant serving seasonal global cuisine driven by the faire.

Goat meat is one of the most popular meats in Indonesia. So far we know a lot: satay, tongseng, soup, gule and goat fried rice. Then are there other food menus that can be processed from goat meat?

Victus Restaurant gives the answer. “We offer a new sensation in enjoying processed goat meat which is softer, better aroma, and of course very delicious,” said Arief Hidajat, one of the three founders of Victus Restaurant. The other two founders are; Adji Rukmantara and Idris bin Muhammad Abu Bakar Alaydrus

According to Arief, the 1981 ITB alumni, Victus itself comes from the Latin word meaning sustenance. It is hoped that this restaurant will bring a lot of sustenance for everyone, including visitors to stay in touch. Uninterrupted sustenance is also related to friendship, right?

Located in the strategic center of Jakarta, by promoting a modern concept that is comfortable for all ages, Victus offers facilities in an attractive restaurant, including: meeting rooms, VIP rooms, live music performances, prayer rooms, and others. “We make sure that culinary fans will feel comfortable and delicious coming to Victus,” Arief asserted.

But for those who didn’t have time to come, Victus also provides delivery service orders. “So don’t worry, wherever you are a culinary fan, we can still serve you. You can order online,” explained Arief, who is a golf fan.

Own Livestock

The concept carried by Victus Restaurant is to serve special dishes of all goats. Many variety of menus are provided at affordable prices, both traditional and traditional (such as soup and satay), to international menus. In addition, there are also special menus or typical Victus, such as salted egg goat meat. Not to be missed either, kebuli rice. Don’t miss it, Nasi Mandhi Goat.

Why goats, and not cows, for example? “Goat meat has blessings, meaning that there is a lot of goodness in this goat meat. After all, there are teachings that we should raise and use goats, because there are blessings in them,” said Arief, who also owns the Bukit Biak Farm in Sukabumi.

Goat meat is harmful to health? Something that is a blessing, Arief believes, certainly does not pose a danger.

In addition to goat meat, blessings are also found in the milk and skin. The milk can be drunk and the skin can be used as cloth or clothing.

Arief and his two colleagues are determined to make Victus Restaurant a restaurant specializing in goat meat. In addition to serving dishes made from goat meat, Victus also serves a menu of goat’s milk drinks. “In this restaurant, goat’s milk is processed into a variety of contemporary drinks such as drinks combined with palm sugar,” explained Dodit, Head of Chef of Victus Restaurant.

Unlike others whose raw materials depend on distributors (frozen meat), Victus Restaurant relies on their own products. Both meat and milk are entirely produced by Bukit Biak Farm in Sukabumi, West Java. This guarantees that the quality of the food is maintained and always in fresh condition.

Pioneer Goat Milk Menu

Fresh condition…. Yup, for milk lovers, there is palm sugar milk that can spoil goat’s milk lovers with a contemporary presentation. As for coffee lovers, there is a menu of palm sugar milk coffee. Because the basic ingredients of goat’s milk used in these two menus come from the farm’s own cage, the quality and taste are of course guaranteed.

One differentiator that is also an advantage of Victus Restaurant’s palm sugar milk is that it has a little sugar but can create a sweet taste equivalent to palm sugar milk made from cow’s milk.

The secret is in the basic ingredients of goat’s milk which turns out to have a sweet and creamy taste that is inherently more than cow’s milk. So to create the same sweet taste as palm sugar milk in general, you only need to add a little sugar. In terms of health, consumption of a little sugar is certainly very good for the body.

In Jakarta, Victus Restaurant has pioneered the menu of palm sugar milk and palm sugar milk coffee made from goat’s milk. “So for anyone who is curious and wants to try it, they can come directly to Victus Restaurant in Tebet, South Jakarta,” continued Dodit.

Why should Victus Restaurant?

According to Dodit, everyone from young people to seniors; from those who are single or already in pairs, must come to Victus Restaurant. Here, you will find many dishes made from authentic mutton with guaranteed delicious taste and, of course, some of the menus that can not be found in other restaurants.

Not just a restaurant, almost every day, Victus Restaurant will hold live music to entertain and accompany the visitors while eating food. “So, there’s no need to be afraid of being bored,” he said

Muslims also don’t have to worry about finding a place to worship because the prayer room is one of the facilities provided by Victus Restaurant.

Last but not least, what some people in Jakarta usually complain about when visiting a restaurant is that the parking space is narrow or even completely non-existent. When you visit Victus Restaurant, you don’t have to worry about that, because there is already a large and comfortable parking space for you.

Various menus at Victus Restaurant

  • Goat Grilled Ribs will bring a spectacular taste.
  • Sehati Goat Meatballs are very unique and very tasty.
  • Salted Egg Goat has managed to improve a new, more captivating taste.
  • Rica Goat Bone Tengkleng with a stunning spicy sensation.
  • Don’t miss the creamy and fresh Iced Coffee Milk Goat Sugar Palm.
  • There are many more processed goat meats that can be enjoyed in all of Victus which should be tasted and shared with everyone.

Victus Restaurant

Jalan Tebet Barat I No. 4, Jakarta selatan

Email: [email protected]

Telepon (+62) 877 2526 1114

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