Antasari Place Collaborates with Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia and Cornerstone

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For its newest project, Antasari Place, PT Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk appointed and collaborated with Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia as property management and Cornerstone as retail property management. The Memorandum of Understanding (Cooperation Agreement) was signed on December 7, 2021, during the early stages of Antasari Place construction, demonstrating INPP’s commitment to project development and future management. 

PT Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk (INPP) continues to make preparations for the construction of Antasari Place, its newest project. INPP has appointed and signed cooperation with professional parties, including Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia as property management and Cornerstone as retail property management, according to Anthony Prabowo Susilo, President Director & CEO of PT Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at the head office of PT Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk in South Jakarta, the Cooperation Agreement between PT Prospek Duta Sukses, the INPP subsidiary that oversees the Antasari Place project, Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia, and Cornerstone was signed. 

A.H. Bimo Suryono, President Director of PT Prospect Duta Sukses, Farida Riyadi, Director of Property & Facility Management (PFM) of PT Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia, and Diana Solaiman, Chief Financial Officer of PT Pop Properti Indonesia (Cornerstone). INPP, as the controlling shareholder of PT Prospek Duta Sukses, was present at the signing, represented by Anthony Prabowo Susilo, President Director & CEO.

Anthony explained that appointing property management at the start of Antasari Place construction demonstrated INPP’s seriousness and dedication to each of its products. “From the beginning, we must ensure the fulfillment of consumer rights in order to provide quality services to potential buyers and ensure that the property remains operational and well-maintained for a long time,” Anthony explained. 

According to Anthony, hiring a good building manager will ensure a high standard of property maintenance, preserving the quality and added value of a consumer’s investment. Apart from location, construction quality, developer portfolio, and supporting facilities, management is the management, which is something that consumers consider when purchasing property.

Farida Riyadi, Director of Property & Facility Management (PFM) of PT Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia, said at the same event that her company is proud to be able to contribute to INPP’s well-known property. This is reflected in INPP’s product development portfolio. 

“We also assist INPP by reviewing the design concepts applied to achieve a high level of satisfaction for its residents,” said Farida, citing his experience and international reputation as well as proven policies and procedures. 

At Antasari Place, Cushman & Wakefield will later pamper residents with international standard services for a variety of fun amenities like a fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, and children’s playground. In the two towers at Antasari Place, approximately 70% of the total area of approximately 2.5 hectares is open space with easy access integration.

“We hope that the collaboration between PT Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk and Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia can continue to synergize, not only for the Antasari Place project, but for future projects as well,” Farida concluded. 

Retail Area in the Alley 

The Retail Alley area at Antasari Place is designed around the concept of integrated living, which is a retail concept that provides residents and the general public with a variety of conveniences to meet their needs. 

Anthony hopes that Cornerstone’s experience managing and developing retail areas will help make Retail Alley at Antasari Place a pleasant place to visit before and after work, hold meetings with coworkers, socialize with relatives and communities, and engage in other activities.

Cornerstone has managed several retailers in Indonesia for the past seven years, including Beachwalk Shopping Center in Bali, 23 Paskal in Bandung, fX Mall in Jakarta, and Park 23 Entertainment Center in Bali. Cornerstone develops technology-based retail management solutions to respond to the needs of the shopping community without having to leave the house. 

“We hope that Retail Alley in Antasari Place will be the right and strategic location to meet the needs of residents in Antasari Place and the surrounding area, both in person and through a real-time technology-based operational system developed by Cornerstone,” Diana Solaiman concluded.

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