Finding Peace in the Little Joys of Life

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OCTAVE TIPS 06: Running Away from Involution

OCTAVE Institute, the pioneering platform for research, mindful learning and holistic wellness in China strives to provide a foundation for growth towards a purposeful life, mindfully lived. In the sixth chapter of OCTAVE TIPS, Life Coach Grace Zhu speaks on involution and accessible ways to release pent-up energy and tension through daily stress management.

Have you ever experienced holiday blues – the feelings of sadness and anxiety dread returning to work after time off? Little did we know when we came across it, involution has begun to cloud our vision. Tired of competing, it is a sign to seek out inner peace and regain ability to live in the moment.

Begin Your Day Mindfully

The first step to get rid of anxiety is to consciously press the “start” button at the beginning of each day. While on your commute, make a conscious decision to not check the mobile phone and be with yourself. Regardless of the mode of transport, stay calm and maintain a relaxed pace.

Try a three-minute breathing exercise for quick stress reduction. When holidays come to an end, it is inevitable to feel irritation at the overwhelming amount of work you face when you are back to work. Even the most productive people are not able to maintain an intense work rate over a long period of time. Resolve to “stop” for two to three minutes every one or two hours during the workday and do a three-minute mini meditation. 

Move From Reacting to Responding to Stress

A healthier way of responding to stress is to be aware of the early signs and avoid reacting automatically. Make wise, mindful choices to cope with stress, such as taking several mindful breaths, taking a walk, or doing some vigorous but mindful exercise.

Finish The Day by Letting Go of Your Work

At the end of the workday, you are recommended to retrace the day, acknowledging and congratulating yourself on what you have accomplished, while also making a list to prepare for the day ahead. 

Do Some Mini Meditations Before Bedtime

Before going to bed, you can spend some time meditating, do a body scan, or simply lie in bed and ride the waves of your breath, allowing yourself to fall into a natural slumber and face the new day with a positive attitude.

About Life Coach Grace Zhu

Grace Zhu is a national coach of Appreciative Inquiry, a registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Grace has over 10 years’ experience gained in France, Canada, America and China. She specializes in working with clients experiencing emotional, behavioral and relationship issues, including anxiety, relationship issues, parenting issues, work stress, traumatic or negative childhood experiences, sleep problems, self-growth, identity and body-mind-spirit holistic wellness.

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