Celebrating The Festive Season 2021/2022 with Aman in Indonesia

As 2021 draws to a close, there is no better time to celebrate and make lasting memories with loved ones. Whether finding solace in a spacious villa or taking part in festive traditions, Aman’s sanctuaries in Indonesia provide the perfect place for groups of family and friends to gather and reconnect. This year, Aman’s festive programming is designed to invite guests to discover the rituals of Aman hotels and resorts with on-property experiences that pay homage to other destinations in the brand’s portfolio.

AMANDARI, Indonesia

Interwoven with the village of Kedewatan and the verdant drama of the Ayung Valley landscape, Amandari celebrates the natural beauty and rural culture of inland Bali. This season, guests are invited to personally engage with village life through several experiences and encounters, including scenic guided treks through the surrounding countryside, dance performances by the local village children, and daily afternoon tea with Ibu Made and Ibu Wayan, two local villagers who bring with them a selection of Balinese sweets and traditional tea and coffee for all to enjoy. To give back to the local community, guests can choose to take part in a complimentary cooking class, where they will learn the basics of traditional Balinese cooking, before packaging the food carefully and donating it to the local villagers.

Amandari, Indonesia – Accommodation, Amandari Suite, Swimming Pool

Alternatively, and for those seeking indulgence, there are several exciting dining opportunities on offer at Amandari. These include the New Year’s Eve Night Market, where guests can try several flavoursome street food dishes, such as Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken with Bumbu Bali) and Pisang Bakar (grilled banana with palm sugar and roasted coconut), followed by a celebratory Thai-inspired brunch on New Year’s Day in homage to Amanpuri.

AMANKILA, Indonesia

Occupying a breath-taking hilltop spot on Bali’s east coast, with ancient, spiritual and regal neighbours, Amankila offers the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with loved ones this festive season. To start the celebrations, guests are invited to join the Amankila team in family-friendly craft sessions making Christmas decorations, with opportunities to donate to Soul Bali, a charity that supports and empowers communities in East Bali and an initiative that Amankila has collaborated with since its establishment in 2015.

Alongside opportunities to show gratitude, families and groups of friends alike will also delight in Amankila’s festive entertainment and culinary highlights. On Christmas Eve, the region’s sacred Legong Keraton Dance is performed by the main pool before an unforgettable Christmas feast is served family-style. The festivities culminate on New Year’s Eve, with a fire show featuring six fire masters who will present a dazzling display of movement and coordination accompanied by musicians on traditional instruments, who lead guests into the light of 2022.


Within easy reach of Bali’s Denpasar Airport, Aman Villas at Nusa Dua is an idyllic retreat for groups of friends and family to reconnect together in consummate privacy over the festive period. This year, a range of special festive private dining options are offered, including a Megibung, or a traditional Balinese feast designed to be enjoyed family-style. Alternatively, on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, guests can enjoy a touch of luxury and privacy with a refined tasting menu prepared by a private chef and served alongside bespoke musical entertainment, all arranged by the Villa Concierge.

Guests are also able to donate to Aman Villa’s community initiatives this season, by supporting the efforts of the Catholic Church Community in Nusa Dua’s Puja Mandala worship complex, who are working to support local families that are struggling following the pandemic.

AMANJIWO, Indonesia

In the lush forest setting of central Java, Amanjiwo presents guests with cultural experiences that offer support to neighbouring communities and play an important role in preserving cultural and artistic traditions. Over the festive period, a variety of dance performances will take place at the resort, including a Jathilan dance performed by the children of the local villages, the legends of the Ramayana interpreted in movement by a troupe from the nearby Muntilan Regency, and the dramatic Javanese mask dance, Topeng. The art of dance is a tradition in which Amanjiwo works with local villages to keep alive from generation to generation.

Alternatively, for those seeking to end the year cleansed and spiritually reinvigorated, the Tolak Balak ritual, performed by a Javanese priest, is one of several ancestral protection and purification customs practiced in Java. In a 90-minute session, which includes chanting mantras alongside breathing techniques and guided meditation, the ritual offers a beautiful insight into local traditions that leaves the body and mind feeling light and energised.

The resort will also offer the Journey Though Java from 24-27 December to experience the visually stunning adventure across Java on the Kereta Api Wisata train, from the bustling capital of Jakarta to the peaceful setting of Amanjiwo.

AMANWANA, Indonesia

Amanwana’s naturally paradisal setting on Moyo Island is enchanting in all seasons, yet during the festive days and nights, it transforms into a magical hideaway, providing a base on which to make unforgettable memories with loved ones. For those seeking an extra-special escape, Amanwana’s A Camp of Your Own offer, allows guests to experience their very own private camp with family and friends.

Through booking eight or more tents for four or six nights, the island’s abundant natural treasures become exclusive, with a range of inclusions to discover an array of wildlife on the way, from trekking to cascading limestone pools of Barry’s Falls at the heart of the island to diving at the Seawall, Turtle Street, Labuan Aji Reef or Panjang Reef, to make for a memorable stay.

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