Asia Global Yachting Launches in Southeast Asia

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Delivering Premium Yacht Charter Services and Expertise Across the Industry

Asia Global Yachting proudly announces its official launch in Southeast Asia, bringing unparalleled premium yacht charter services and expertise across the industry. Delivering an all-encompassing service to the yacht sector with offices in the major yachting hubs of Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, Asia Global Yachting represents leading global yachting companies such as Ferretti Yachts and Pershing as the exclusive appointed dealership in Indonesia.

Unrivalled Expertise and a Full-Service Yacht Solution

Asia Global Yachting brings years of expertise in yacht charters, new and pre-owned brokerage, boat construction, boat management, boat maintenance, event organization, and concierge services to the market. The company delivers exceptional service, all vetted by the team through the boat owners, operators, and crew. Offering one of the most comprehensive solutions for all yacht-related matters, Asia Global Yachting collaborates with industry experts and an ever-expanding list of affiliates, putting the company in a position to fulfill any maritime desire at the highest level.

The dynamic team at Asia Global Yachting has a thorough and detailed understanding of the practices necessary for successful yacht management. With trusted industry partners, excellence in communication and knowledge, Asia Global Yachting ensures strong exposure and visibility whilst also maintaining equal success for boat owners, management structures, and most importantly the curation of unforgettable guest experiences.

Asia Global Yachting Appointed as Ferretti Yachts and Pershing Yachts Exclusive Dealership in Indonesia

The appointment of Asia Global Yachting as the exclusive dealership of Ferretti Yachts and Pershing in Indonesia strengthens Ferretti Group’s presence in the regional market. The first member of Ferretti Group, Ferretti Yachts is a worldwide ambassador for Italian boating culture that is known for their elegance and grace in the nautical experience. The brand’s global prestige is the fruit of a judicious blend of novel ideas, superlative product quality and immense technical know-how.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Asia Global Yachting and introduce the company as a full-service yacht solution. With attention to detail, many years of experience, and bespoke service of paramount importance, we believe that Asia Global Yachting brings an elevated yachting consultancy and experience to the region,” said Xavier Fabre, founder of Asia Global Yachting.

Ferretti Yachts offers privacy and exclusivity, allowing people to travel without ever leaving home and waking up each day to a different view with new horizons to explore. Every vessel is suffused with beauty, harmony and innovation, with timeless yet contemporary design that evokes a comfortable and relaxing settings. Home, comfort, the journey and the sea are the concepts of clarity that inspire Ferretti Yachts in building immaculate boats that are the embodiment of their owner’s personality and their profoundest desires.

Known for its stylish and high-performance luxury motor yachts, Pershing has been part of the Ferretti Group since 1998. Recognisable in ports around the world, Pershing is one of the top open fiberglass yacht producers in the world, offering a variety of yacht sizes for consumers based on their needs. The beautiful and functional interior design of Pershing is a perfect blend of large spaces and natural light, allowing for the highest livability and the maximum comfort. Pershing knows how to bring pleasure, performance, and comfort together in one yacht. Whether flying on the sea at the highest speed or gently caressing the water surface, cruising towards a far destination, or enjoying life on the sea, Pershing Yachts always delivers the utmost feeling of great comfort.

About Asia Global Yachting

Born out of a desire for excellence, Asia Global Yachting is an unparalleled yachting company dedicated to delivering premium service across the entire scope of the industry. Conceived in Southeast Asia with offices in the major yachting hubs of Thailand and Indonesia, Asia Global Yachting provides an in-depth and comprehensive model to providing said excellence for clients and stakeholders.

By affiliating with experts and industry leaders, Asia Global yachting is positioned to implement an all-encompassing service across the yachting landscape. From world-renowned dealerships, boat builders, naval architects and an outstanding operations team to bespoke yacht charters paired with unrivaled guest experience and support services, Asia Global Yachting provides 360˚ solutions for any maritime need. 

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