SAVASA Launches NIWA Cluster

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Earthquake-Resistant 2-Storey House with Glass Balcony, KPR 2.65% from Bank Danamon

PT PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia (PHDI) which develops luxury and exclusive residential, SAVASA, launched the NIWA cluster which will be marketed on October 10, 2021. Director of PT PHDI, Wulang Nur Widyatmoko, said “After the success of the ASA cluster, in the NIWA cluster we offer the type of The newest one is Type C, which is the type that the market is looking forward to.” he explained.

Type C has a land area of 60 square meters and a building area of 55 square meters, consisting of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and equipped with a glass balcony in the master bedroom. This type is priced at 1 billion.

In collaboration with Bank Danamon, especially at the time of launch, SAVASA provides a mortgage promo with an attractive interest rate of only 2.65%. In addition, there are other gimmicks that SAVASA offers specifically for consumers.

According to Wulang, Japan quality is still an attraction for SAVASA consumers. With Wall-Precast Concrete (W-PC) technology in airtight concrete panel construction and PURETECH technology for air filtration, presenting a house of the highest quality that provides comfort and clean air in the house. And the strategic location is a priority for consumers to invest in SAVASA.

“First, our position is very strategic and at the forefront, then AEON Mall will soon be built nearby. This is also one of the factors that increase consumer interest in buying houses at SAVASA. Besides AEON Mall, the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train will also be built. From Cawang Station, the first station is in Karawang which is only 1.5 km from SAVASA. Second, the rental potential is extraordinary. There are many Japanese and Korean companies in this area, the potential is more than 20 thousand workers,” he explained.

In addition, he added, SAVASA is located in the Kota Deltamas area, Cikarang, which is included in the development in the eastern Jakarta corridor, where there is infrastructure development, namely the Jakarta-Cikampek elevated toll road, LRT, MRT, and high-speed trains.

SAVASA is also surrounded by various facilities and facilities such as the Pangudi Luhur School, Ananda Mitra Industri Vocational School, the ITSB campus (the campus of Sinar Mas collaboration with ITB), Japanese School, and the Korean education complex. There are also Le Premier Hotel & serviced apartments, Sakura Park Hotel, Kuretakeso Sancrest Residence, and other commercial facilities. For health facilities, Mitra Keluarga Hospital is currently under construction which will operate in the near future.

“The total units offered in the NIWA cluster are 209 units and construction will begin next year. So far, we have handed over 50% of the ASA Cluster and about 60% have been occupied. In accordance with Japanese culture that emphasizes punctuality, we are always committed to making handovers on time.” he said.

With the support of Panasonic Homes, he hopes that SAVASA can grow into a smart town. This, according to him, makes consumers believe in the quality of products or housing from SAVASA.

“Panasonic Homes has been around for more than 58 years. In Japan, it has become a top developer with the advantage of developing sustainability smart townships. With these advantages, we create a smart society with a smart environment, coupled with the big name Sinar Mas Land as a leading developer in Indonesia who has received very good response from consumers,” he concluded.


SAVASA is a project currently being developed by PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia which is a residential unit that focuses on 4 smart concepts: 1. Smart township, 2. Smart security, 3. Smart home and 4. Smart community. The 37 ha project with a total capacity of around 2,500 housing units that can accommodate around 10,000 residents is planned to be completed in 2030.

About Panahome Deltamas Indonesia

PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia is a joint venture between PT. Panasonic Homes Gobel Indonesia and PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk which is engaged in comprehensive urban development projects in Kota Deltamas. The company was founded in November 2017 with 51% of the total shares owned by PT. Panasonic Homes Gobel Indonesia and 49% owned by PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk.

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