Jamu Lifestyle

The Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition by Metta Murdaya

Jamu is the herbal-medicine tradition of the Indonesian archipelago. Born from disparate influences brought by traders to this crossroads of Asian commerce, over the centuries jamu has developed into a sophisticated suite of nutritional supplements incorporated into cuisine, beauty rituals, and healing agents, all proven effective by empirical research. But jamu is more than brightly colored powders and tonics. Jamu Lifestyle is your gateway to entering a vibrant community devoted to self-care; a joyous and transformational world of wellness.

Metta Murdaya is the founder of JUARA, an award-winning skincare and wellness line inspired by the Indonesian jamu tradition. Her products have earned the Eco Beauty award from Byrdie magazine and Best Product awards from Shape magazine, Women’s Health, Cleo, and more. Metta was featured in GlobeAsia magazine as one of the “99 Most Powerful Women,” and she received a Shine On award from Good Housekeeping magazine.

20 x 28 cm (portrait)
256 pages
Afterhours Books

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