SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute Introduces the Mindful Living Program

A life journey to reawaken your consciousness, shape your destiny and improve your lifestyle

In response to the increasing demand for wellness and mindful practice throughout the pandemic, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute introduces a 7-night Mindful Living program to explore the inner self and release your infinite potential. Whether you already practice mindfulness or you are looking to take part in your first wellbeing retreat, SANGHA Retreat will help to recalibrate your mind, body and soul.

Together with Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Founder of OCTAVE Institute and Chief Program Designer and Mentor, the SANGHA Retreat expert team will lead guests in a step-by-step process through the Mindful Living program to explore a variety of challenges and modern approaches to traditional Eastern and Western meditation practices, such as walking, stretching through yoga, mindful breathing, meditation, sound bowl therapy, whilst maintaining a plant-based diet.

It also guides guests on a journey to discover how mindful adjustments to our daily behavioural patterns can lead to a more fulfilling life through practising the seven habits of exploration and mindfulness: food, breath, sleep, movement, meditation, emotion, personal growth, and their connection with our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Holding a strong belief that an individual can only achieve long-term sustainable development by contributing to wellbeing, Frederick also realized the importance of creating a healthy society and harmonious communities in his unceasingly self-examination and introspection. “I insist on making an effort for the happiness of mankind and it is necessary to combine western science with traditional Chinese philosophies. The reality consists of different relationships and represents the experiences and conditions of all people. We can capture a totally different world view by simply switching our angle and then we can start to attain greater freedom and creativity,” as shared by Frederick Tsao.

SANGHA Retreat and OCTAVE Institute recognises the need and demand for mindful practices to find an equilibrium under the intense and stressful atmosphere of society today as well as everyday challenges, offering a step by step guidance to reconnect mind, body and soul.

“I wanted to take time off from my current life and rewind on what has happened in the past. For me, the purpose of joining the program was mainly to re-centre my body, mind and soul with high expectations to learn about myself, others and mindful living,” comments David Peter Konrad, fashion designer, photographer, lifestyle & fashion writer who participated in the Mindful Living program in July 2021.

During the all-encompassing 7-night program, SANGHA Retreat will provide an immersive experience in which the expert team will guide guests to learn how to listen to and observe their own body, and be aware of the relationships among eating, breathing, sleeping, movement, mindfulness, stillness and personal development. Each day of the program is comprised of a variety of mindfulness courses, talks, and lectures to enhance the state of wisdom in addition to meditation practices with the following highlighted themes.

Breaking Boundaries: Discovering Your True Self

With the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western quantum science, the program will guide guests to a broader path, through which they may discover their true self, harvesting a joyful, healthy and free life.  

Group Practice: Accompany and Peer

The journey will be carried out in groups, including over 100km of walks and hours of meditation challenges. Open your mind through interaction with your companions, and step-by-step reconnect with your body, consciousness and emotion.

Energy Exploration: Awakening Inner Awareness

Steer your life in a more positive direction by relieving anxiety, exploring and stimulating your own vitality and potential through breath work, meditation and sound therapy. 

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