Kurve Introduces Its September to December Collection with A Twist

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From Basic Wears to Special Birthday Collection, You Could Never Run Out Of Style with Kurve

Established by Paula Anselmi in year 2019, in Jakarta, Kurve is an Indonesian fashion brand that focuses on producing basic wear that’s on trend, innovative, and versatile. From bodysuits, tops, bottoms to dresses and outerwear, Kurve features simple designs that are meant for everyday wear. Built on a strong value revolving around women empowerment, especially in promoting self-love and body positivity, the message is carried throughout in Kurve’s campaign, which features women in different shapes and sizes.

“At Kurve, we have a vision to inspire women all over the world to love themselves and to accept their imperfections,” Paula said. To Paula, Kurve is more than just a brand, it is a personal statement.

With an aim to be the leading brand in the market that are both fashion-forward and timeless, Kurve’s has prepared a special spin for its much-awaited September to December collection.

In September, Kurvies (Kurve’s loyal fan-base) will be treated to the new arrival named Back to Kurve. The month’s theme still features basic wears. Though it will be emphasized more on comfort, yet wearable designs that come in plenty of varieties.

Meanwhile, the collection that everyone has been waiting for—Paula’s Birthday—is set to come back in October. This annual collection is known for its best-selling items and reflects Paula Anselmi’s personal style mantra. This year, Paula’s Birthday Collection adopts an elegant and edgy approach.

So, expect a suit-up and dress-up themes that are showcased in semi-formal and formal items, along with gorgeous two-tone basic wears that everyone should keep an eye on.

Some of Paula’s Birthday Collection two-tone items are the AB Bodysuit in bright sand color that’s complemented with carrot’s strap lines. Next is the AB Bodysuit that comes in warm bean color and venom strapline. This item beautifully paid homage to the iconic ‘Back in Time’ theme of the 70s.

Paula’s Birthday Collection also saw a roaring success last year. For its marketing promotion, Kurve offered a special treat for its loyal clientele where with every minimum order of five pieces, they will receive one free merchandise (mirror pocket/pop socket). The items were delivered on the same day.

In the months of November and December, Kurve will unveil its dazzling winter collections. The month of December will also see Paula AB Anniversary Collection where Kurve will present a totally different concept for its basic wears.

Keeping up with the end-of-the-year sentiment and New Year’s excitement, Kurve is all about new surprises. For its December collection, Kurve is ready to raise the bar with its cool and chic street-wear vibes. Think stylish jacket that’s both comfortable on the skin and looks sizzling on the outside. Not stopping there, Kurve will also introduce an array of warm and cozy items for Kurvies everywhere to welcome 2022 in style.

Background on Kurve

Founded by Paula Anselmi in 2019, Kurve is an Indonesian fashion brand focusing on basic wear that’s on trend, innovative, and versatile. Kurve offers a wide range of tops, bottoms, bodysuits, dresses, and outerwear in simple timeless design and quality fabric that are meant to be worn every day.

Kurve is built on a strong brand value revolving around women empowerment, especially in promoting self-love and body positivity. Kurve’s vision is to inspire women all over the world to love themselves and to accept their imperfections by wearing Kurve’s “Konfidencewear”.

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