Gigacover Provides Free Health Protection

Solidarity Movement for Indonesian Workers

Gigacover Indonesia, a financial service provider for freelancers, runs a Solidarity movement for worker, freelancers and gig workers in Indonesia by providing free insurance Health & Life Protection for 6 months. 

According to data from Indonesia Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) in 2019, insurance penetration in Indonesia is still relatively low as it only covers 3% of the total population. During the pandemic, having health insurance is very crucial, Cobysot Avego Putro, Country Head Gigacover Indonesia, said, “We are aware that there are still many workers out there who are not properly protected by health, such as outsourcing employees, labor, telemarketing, manufacturing business, retail and freelance workers or Gig Workers, especially in the midst of this pandemic, health protection has become more crucial for workers and companies.” 

The idea of providing free health protection is part of solidarity for workers in Indonesia, which is also in line with Gigacover’s vision and mission, “This action will be a peace of mind for a worker to be able to work calmly & fewer worries about their health. Secara tidak langsung, perusahaan juga dapat berdampak pada profitabilitas karena peningkatan kualitas kerja karena adanya kebahagiaan karyawan. It’s in line with Gigacover mission to make workers and companies happy, also to create financial security and better health insurance for workers in Indonesia,” said Cobysot. 

The protection is divided into three products : Hospital Cash Plan, Care Protection, and Personal Accident, with benefits of more than 150 million.

“The worker will get cover protection for 6 months after being registered by the company, after 6 months the company feels free to continue or stop the protection, to continue the insurance fees start from Rp. 1,000 per month, it’s more affordable than similar insurance products because we are aware of the low penetration of insurance in Indonesia is because the costs are high for workers, “said William Mulia Jahner – Head of Business Acquisition Development Gigacover. 

“To take part in this solidarity action, HR or company PIC can register via email id- [email protected] then our team will immediately contact the PIC, and I hope this solidarity action can provide positive benefits for the company and employees,” William. 

Besides Health & Life Protection, Gigacover also provides Gigacover Advance services, Productive Loans & the latest PPOB features, which can be used to purchase credit or electricity tokens with various payment methods, Gigacover currently operates in 3 countries Indonesia, Singapore, & Philippines to serve all independent, contract workers as well as gig economy worker. 

About Gigacover 

Gigacover is an insurtech platform and provides financial services for independent workers or the gig economy, founded in 2017 in Singapore. Gigacover has now grown in several countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. Gigacover has also been expanded to include faster income access and payroll accounts.

Through technology and data, Gigacover automates distribution, administration, and generates insights for risk management to provide users with flexible, affordable and portable benefits. Currently, Gigacover Indonesia has products such as Gigacover Advance, Health & Life Protection, Productive Loans & Prepaid Credits & Digital Product (PPOB). 

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