Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park Donates 40 Tons Oxygen to Central Sulawesi Residents 

Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP), an industrial area located in Morowali, Central Sulawesi based on nickel processing with the longest industrial chain in the world, handed over assistance in the form of 40 tons of oxygen to the people of Central Sulawesi through the Provincial Government this Friday morning.

The aid of 40 tons of oxygen packaged in one ISO tank and 200 canisters will be distributed to various hospitals in the city of Palu and a number of other districts.

The Governor of Central Sulawesi, Rusdy Mastura, who directly received the assistance, expressed his gratitude and gave the highest appreciation to the management of IMIP Group.

“Representing the people of Central Sulawesi, we are very grateful to IMIP Group for this assistance,” said the Governor.

According to the Governor further, the surge in cases of positive Covid-19 patients in recent weeks in Palu city and a number of other districts, has made the need for medical oxygen increase drastically. This had triggered a shortage of oxygen in all Covid-19 referral hospitals in the province.

The governor invited investors or other large companies spread across districts in Central Sulawesi to do the same thing as the IMIP Group did.

The Governor who was accompanied by Deputy Governor Ma’mun Amir in particular also expressed his gratitude to Halim Mina, Hamid Mina and the entire leadership of the IMIP Group for their quick response to overcoming the scarcity of medical oxygen for Covid patients.

“Hopefully this aid can help our citizens who are struggling against Covid,” he said.

Representing the management of IMIP Group, the Government Relations Coordinator of PT. IMIP, Askurullah said that the delivery of medical oxygen assistance was a strong commitment and management policy to be actively involved in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In principle, we will help what we can. We want this pandemic to end soon and the situation in Central Sulawesi to return to normal as before,” he concluded.

Previously, IMIP Group had also distributed as many as 26 ISO oxygen tanks to the Indonesian Ministry of Health for a number of hospitals in Jakarta and other areas on the island of Java.

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