SANGHA Retreat Presents its Mental Health Forecast for Optimum Well-being

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The brainchild of visionary Fredrick Chavalit Tsao, SANGHA Retreat is redefining the intersection of modern science and ancient healing wisdoms, to provide a holistic, impactful wellness experience.

A sanctuary for the mind, body and soul, the retreat boasts medical practitioners and experts in both Western and Chinese medicine redefining the wellness experience, encouraging guests to become fully immersed in their personal well-being evolution. As we grapple to adapt to the reality of the pandemic, individuals, families and organisations are confronted with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with increased unpredictability.

The challenges of the current world climate cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them, and it is essential to adopt new practices to stay grounded and focused. 

The Seven Living Habits of Life

Designed around the body’s circadian rhythm, SANGHA Retreat is a strong advocate of the seven living habits of life: Eating, Breathing, Sleeping, Movement, Stillness, Mindfulness and Self-development and to help individuals achieve a new level of well-being and to address mindful living.

AT ONE Clinic at SANGHA Retreat is a wellness center of international standards founded on Western and Eastern integrated and functional treatments, the clinic offers holistic health and lifestyle solutions to balance and integrate the mind, body and spirit. 

The Mindful Living Program at SANGHA Retreat

SANGHA Retreat offers The Mindful Living Program, based on the concept of mindfulness and centered around the “seven living habits”, which aims to foster a healthier lifestyle, support a greater state of freedom and improve your life in all respects.

Grace Zhu, Life Coach

The Mindful Life – Practice and Enlightenment is an eight-day-and-seven-night journey where guests will face various challenges of modern oriental mindful practices: walking exercises, yoga stretching, mindful breathing, meditation and sound healing therapy; experience mindful eating on a vegan-dominated diet; enjoy a wide range of classes on mindfulness and participate in mindfulness-themed lectures to attain a higher level of wisdom.

How to practice mindfulness in daily life – Tips from Dr. Grace Zhu, Life Coach at SANGHA Retreat

Life Coach at SANGHA Retreat, Dr. Grace Zhu – an expert in holistic wellness with a background in medical, psychological and spiritual education shares that individuals should engage in a mindful practice that works for you – there is no “one size fits all” practice. 

Dr. Grace advises individuals to begin their day mindfully, and to consciously press the “start” button at the beginning of each day and make mindful choices to cope with stress. Some mindful choices include avoiding checking mobile phones while commuting, breathing exercises for stress reduction, paying attention to early signs of stress, finish the day by letting go of work and doing some mini meditations before bedtime.

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

Dr. Grace also shares how one can stay focused on an activity that is meaningful and resonates on a personal level, finding what brings the most comfort and what works best to enter a state of mindfulness to assess and recalibrate when in a distressed state. It is important to do so to create a sense of achievement that will motivate the mind and keep one grounded. 

When embarking on a journey towards consciousness, one should follow three steps. Firstly, owning your life – which is translated to taking responsibility and accountability of your situation and actions; this is followed by the second stage where the patient trusts in their self, surrenders to their truths and shows gratitude for their blessings; the highest level then leads to creating your own life and reality by actualising your self-goals.

Mindful eating to boost the immune system – Tips by Maggie Xu, Resident Dietitian at SANGHA Retreat

Boosting the immune system is essential to keeping the mind and body grounded. Resident Dietitian at SANGHA Retreat, Maggie Xu, shares how the immune system is a not a single entity but essentially a unit that works together. To function well, it requires the cooperate of the thymus, the spleen, the lymph system, the bone marrow, the gut microbiota and all the immune cells and antibodies.

Therefore, simply enhancing or boosting a few cells, hormones or an organ is not what the system prefers. A plant-based diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains and protein incorporating high amounts of antioxidative vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and B complex will be optimum to regulate the immune system. Staying hydrated and incorporating physical exercise will also allow for one to achieve holistic well-being and a state of mindfulness. Mindful eating is not just about eating itself, rather it is a practice to focus and raise self-awareness of your body’s need for the right foods and nutrients.

We would be delighted to arrange an interview with the experts at SANGHA Retreat to share their insights and any additional information that might be of interest to you. Do let us know if this would be of interest and we hope to hear from you soon. 

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