SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute Introduces the Mindful Living Program

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A life journey to reawaken your awareness, shape your destiny and improve your lifestyle.

In response to the increasing demand for wellness and mindful practice throughout the pandemic, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute introduces a 7-night Mindful Living program to explore the inner self and release your infinite potential. Whether you already practice mindfulness or you are looking to take part in your first wellbeing retreat, SANGHA Retreat is here to help to recalibrate your mind, body and soul.

During the all-encompassing 7-night program, Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Founder of Octave Institute and his expert team will lead guests on a variety of challenges and modern approaches to traditional Eastern and Western meditation practices, such as walking, stretching through yoga, mindful breathing, meditation, sound bowl therapy, whilst maintaining a plant-based diet.

It also guides guests on a journey to discover how mindful adjustments to our daily behavioural patterns can lead to a more fulfilling life through practicing the eight habits of exploration and mindfulness: food, breath, sleep, movement, meditation, emotion, joy and relationships, and their connection with our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Priced at USD7,545 (RMB 48,000) per person, guests will follow mindful meditation practices alongside a prescribed, balanced diet to improve health, replenish energy, better manage emotions and achieve personal growth. Each day of the program is comprised of a variety of mindfulness courses, talks, and lectures to enhance the state of wisdom, in addition to the meditation practices with the following highlighted themes.

Breaking Boundaries: Discovering Your True Self
With the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western quantum science, the program will guide guests to a broader path, through which they may discover their true self, harvesting a joyful, healthy and free life. 

Group Practice: Accompany and Peer
The journey will be carried out in groups, including Zen challenges and hours of meditation challenges. Open your mind through interaction with your companions, step-by-step reconnect with your body, consciousness and emotion, and, ultimately, sharing the joy of physical and mental growth.

Energy Exploration: Awakening Inner Awareness
Steer your life in a more positive direction by relieving anxiety, exploring and stimulating your own vitality and potential through breath work, meditation and sound therapy.

Mindful Eating: Eating while Considering the Future of the Planet
Designed by a Michelin chef, the mindful menu provides a customized vegetarian meal plan, incorporating intermittent fasting and mindful cooking. Broaden your understanding of plant-based cuisine and enter the world of mindful food of the future.

Mindfulness with Joy: a journey of happy cultivation
Explore true self and inner reflection by attending art, mindful cooking and EQ classes. Guests will also have the opportunity to experience the Time Waver, allowing them to better understand hidden physical and mental signals.

Located west of Shanghai in culturally rich Suzhou overlooking the Yangcheng Lake, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute is an integrated and immersive wellbeing sanctuary that combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest in Western scientific research. Every element of the 47-acre retreat has been considered as a component of a holistic journey, from the AT ONE Clinic and AT ONE Healing Spa, to the THOUGHT FOR FOOD restaurant and daily schedule of Living Habits, designed around the body’s circadian rhythm.

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