Small Hands, Big Dreams

AIM The Label x Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation) 

18 years old Aimee Mihardja dedicates her youth since early age in supporting cancer foundations. With her current AIM The Label, a fashion line that she founded, she is supporting Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation) by transforming special paintings made by these children with cancer into series of merchandises that are being sold and the proceed goes back to the foundation to help the medical treatments for these children. 

Aimee studies Fashion Marketing at University of Arts London – London College of Fashion. She once received a Distinguished Performance in Fashion and Textile Design from Oxford Royale Academy Summer Programme in 2017. 

Her passion in fashion combines with her concern in supporting charity foundations has made her contributes her skills wholeheartedly to many social projects such as; creating scarfs’ designs with Batik Kammi in commemorating Down Syndrome Month, she also designed fashionable pink masks in conjunction to Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as took charge in the production and marketing and the proceeds went to Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia (Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation). The current one is under her AIM The Label fashion line which supports Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation). 

Aimee lost her beloved grandfather from cancer in late 2020. Thus, this makes her putting even more concerns on cancer patients especially children. With her “Small Hands Big Dreams” project together with Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation), Aimee transformed eight paintings from these children with cancer into series of merchandise such as tote bags, cushion pillows, t-shirts, notebooks, tumblers and mugs. 

In the upcoming months, there will more paintings from these special children which will be transformed into another series of merchandise. The profit from the sales will be proceeded to support the children under Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation). 

One of the paintings was painted by 12 years old, Rangga Rizky Tafanka. This particular painting has a very strong emotional story. Rangga was diagnosed with an acute Leukemia since he was only 10 years old. After five weeks of chemotherapy, Rangga went through a critical time and passed away on 6 June 2020 at Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta. 

Rangga’s mother said, “Rangga is a special kid. Loosing him is the toughest thing that ever happened to our family.” 

On this Small Hands Big Dreams project, Mrs. Sallyana Sorongan, founder of YKAI stated that, “Aimee and her Small Hands Big Dreams project has been supporting the children with cancer in everything. Not just supporting with the funds that the projects has donated but also Aimee has put the children’s spirit high so they are always motivated, exploring their creativity and the children always love the feeling of being taken care of and supported. By these, we are hoping that these will help them during their treatment sessions.” 

In this initiative by AIM The Label collaborating with YKAI, Aimee Mihardja said, “These kids were the ones that inspired me. Despite the things that they are going through, doesn’t matter how hard it is, they never fail to keep a smile on their faces. Through my collaboration, I hope to give these kids a chance for them to see the bright future ahead of them and distract them from their current medications.“

“I want them to see that there is so much power in the little things they do, how amazing they are, and how people are enjoying their paintings. I hope that through this project, they are encouraged to keep on working on the talent God has given them and to continue reaching for their dreams.” 

In the future, Aimee with her AIM The Label fashion line will keep the commitment and will develop more merchandises through this “Small Hands Big Dreams” project and at the same time will keep supporting these children with cancer so they will always be motivated to increase their creativity, be high spirited and motivated throughout this difficult times. 

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