Aman Unveils A New Website

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For many of us, the past 12 months have shown just how much we rely on technology. As the world of travel starts to look to the future, Aman is entering this new phase with a digital transformation.

Aman is pleased to reveal a fresh digital presence, including the launch of a new website ( to offer visitors a more streamlined browsing and booking experience.

QIn a time that has been particularly challenging for the travel industry, Aman used this opportunity to evolve and advance its digital journey while continuing to keep customer experience at its heart, meeting the needs of its loyal guests and future customers.

The project has been part of a company-wide digital overhaul, aiming to revise Aman’s online presence to offer a window into the world of Aman.

While the new website represents the brand’s spirit and core values, its visual and structural format differentiates from travel industry norms, with a fully-optimised browsing experience cross-device.

This approach – driven by a mobile-first e-commerce style structure – offers an easily navigable path for users, whether simply seeking destination inspiration, a theme such as wellness or adventure, or booking a stay at a favourite Aman property. 

As part of the year-long project, Aman’s digital team conducted extensive research into user journeys and carried out detailed surveys with Aman guests to help gain an understanding of their preferences when browsing and to shape how the experience at an Aman can be reflected online.

A product of this research, from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) perspective, the brand new website offers enhanced functionality, including the introduction of a member’s portal where guests are able to log-in and amend their preferences, allowing the brand to serve dynamic and appropriate content throughout the user journey. The website will also facilitate the seamless integration of other verticals where necessary in the future, from the e-commerce Aman Shop to travel trade portals and Aman Residences.

This in turn will create a full integrated online solution, allowing users to browse and transact a range of Aman products, in a move that brings Aman’s level of service online. The wider initiative also includes expansion of the brand’s in-house corporate business intelligence team, showcasing an investment in the future.

“The new Aman website kick starts our digital transformation strategy to incorporate the essence of Aman into our user experience online – to be dynamic and frictionless in how we service our guests in this digital-first era,” says Julianne Zhang, Director of Digital and E-Commerce. 

“In addition to improved functionalities and content structures that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Aman story, our new website also paves the way for a series of enhancements to come which will continue to optimise the online user journey. With this new website we hope to further cement Aman’s position as a forward-thinking brand that invests in delivering best-in-class solutions to our guests.”

From a design perspective, the new website echoes the enduring, harmonious architecture of Aman properties and is an integral part of the brand’s shift towards a more contemporary and balanced design aesthetic with the colour palette inspired by the extraordinary locations the brand calls home.

Allowing the incredible new photography and video captured over recent years to speak for itself and reflecting the uncomplicated serenity of Aman destinations, Aman’s Brand & Creative Director Jonathon Gardiner commented on the vision; “Displayed within a palette of calming sand tones, stories to inspire, photography and key property information now flow with ease via a new and simplified navigation, and are supported by the introduction of our brand new typeface – presenting text in a timeless and contemporary way.”

From the introduction of new sister-hotel brand, Janu, to the arrival of lifestyle and wellness brands such as Aman Skincare, Aman Fine Fragrance and SVA, Aman continues to push the boundaries, expanding its offerings outside the parameters of its hotels and resorts.

More recently, this pioneering focus has shifted to creating a more sustainable business model, with a focus on the well-being of people, society, and planet Earth. This not only inspired green initiatives across Aman’s global constellation of resorts and hotels in sectors such as Food and Beverage, but also at a corporate level, where the business has been moving towards increasingly digital-based operations.

The new online presence is a vital part of this movement, which shifts activity to web-based platforms, reducing the need for printed materials.

In the year ahead, these enhanced digital and CRM efforts will enable Aman to deliver an optimal guest experience online and offline, increase business operation efficiency and in turn, help future-proof the brand’s growth for years to come.

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