The First Ever Takashi Murakami Flower Gallery Stay

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With Original Artwork Created for The Collaboration

Accepting just one reservation per day, spend a night in a private Murakami art gallery featuring 14 different works of art including a 195-cm golden Flower Parent and Child sculpture. Make the most of the stay with an in-room dinner inspired by his Flower works as well as an autographed art book.

As a lifestyle destination hotel that consistently offers innovative products and services, Grand Hyatt Tokyo is pleased to introduce a new Takashi Murakami Flower Gallery Stay package in collaboration with the renowned artist and as part of the Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project.

The stay package is the first of its kind and is being offered exclusively in one suite that features original artwork by Takashi Murakami that was created specially for this collaboration.

Produced by Takashi Murakami himself, the unique stay package is being offered in a suite that features a total of 14 pieces of original artwork and sculptures of his signature Flower motif. Among the artwork, a highlight is a 195-cm golden Flower Parent and Child sculpture that is one of the works created just for this collaboration. 

Lounge next to a plush Flower Parent and Child stuffed animal in the bedroom, as well as paintings, rugs and flowerballs in the living room; and some art will even appear in the bathrooms. Guests can feel as if they are staying in a one-of-a-kind private art gallery that was arranged just for them.

In addition to the artwork, the stay package includes a special in-room Flower dinner course, a Flower sweets box with rosé Champagne, an autographed art book, Flower masks and mugs, and an optional Flower nail art service that is sure to delight art aficionados. Immerse yourself in the creative and colorful world of Takashi Murakami with this exclusive stay package.

Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project, Takashi Murakami Flower Gallery Stay

Periode: January 9 – June 1, 2021
*Online reservations are accepted via the hotel’s website
Price: JPY 450,000 (excludes tax and a service charge)
*Price is for two guests. For additional guests, there will be a JPY 20,000 fee. The room can accommodate a maximum of threeguests.
*One autographed art book will be provided per stay.

Stay Package Details (for two guests):

  • A stay in the Chairman Suite
  • Original Flower sweets box and rosé Champagne
  • Flower in-room dinner course (one meal per stay for two people)
  • Art book signed by Takashi Murakami (one book per stay)
  • Flower mask and Flower mug (limited quantity)
  • Suite benefits (Access to the Grand Club lounge, Nagomi Spa and Fitness, etc.)


  • In-room Flower Parent and Child nail art service (gel nails/ of which one will be a hand-drawn design JPY 22,000)
  • Additional: JPY 3,000 for gel-off and JPY 5,000 per nail for additional hand-drawn designs
  • Prices exclude taxes and service charge.


  • A 100% cancellation fee will apply for cancellations that are made less than three days prior to the arrival date.
  • Guests must read and sign the accommodation terms and conditions ofthis stay package before the stay.*Items installed in the guestroom cannot be removed from the room or taken home.
  • Details are subject to change based on future COVID-19
  • situation and overall government policy.
  • If you book this plan for two consecutive dates and check in again on the same day as check-out (within 24 hours), it will be counted as one stay.
  • Limited quantity of masks and mugs are available and will be offered until the stock runs out.

Message from Takashi Murakami

“When I started to travel around the world and stay at hotels, I noticed that there were always works of art exhibited at Hyatt hotels, starting in the entrance area and all the way into individual guestrooms. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I see there is a need for art in this kind of context.’ It was different from the context of art with which I was working so I was fascinated. I wanted to try dipping into such a world, but I couldn’t find the entrance, and there was just no way in. So I am happy to have such a special opportunity to display my work in a hotel room, and make my long-held dream come true.”

Concept and Location of Artworks

1. With Baby Flower (L). STAND UP (R) / Entrance Walls

“Welcome prints are on the walls flanking the entrance. The Flower Parent and Child print is divided in half and placed on the either side. The 10-meter Flower Parent and Child in the garden is covered in gold leaf but as a print, it is such a colorful image, so I divided it into right and left and used Rinpa-style gold and platinum foil for the background.”

 2. Flowerball Rug / Living Room Floor

“This project started about 15 years ago, when Louis Vuitton’s then-president, the late Yves Carcelle, said he had a friend who was a very good handmade rug-maker in India and asked if I would like to make a rug. Each piece was handmade so each one was different. At that time, I was looking for a mechanical finish, so I asked to redo it over and over again. My assistant at one point spent two weeks on the shores of a lake in India giving instructions at the workshop. In the end, the Indian workshop gave up after receiving my repeated critical feedback and we ended up with just a few finished pieces.”

“This is one of those few, so it is very valuable. It is hand- woven, which is an extremely difficult process, but at that time, I didn’t understand how good it was, and I kept making unreasonable requests to make it look more mechanical. Looking at it now, I appreciate this unique handmade texture. I must apologize to everyone who was at the workshop back then. I do like it a lot. Since it is handmade, it is supposed to withstand even wind and snow, and I think it has a beautiful finish. It is a work that contains a prayer to Yves-san: ‘Thank you for your wonderful idea.’”

3. Plush Flowerball (600 mmφ / 400 mmφ / 280 mmφ) / Next to TV

“These are limited edition plush Flowerballs and are very difficult to produce. We’ve known Matai-san and Seki-san of Sun Arrow, a stuffed animal maker, for over 20 years and they always pour their love into their stuffed animals, breathing life into them.”

4. Flower Emojis / Living Room

“This is a challenging piece I had never made in the past. It portrays the welcoming by these purely cute characters. I was going for the feel of a piece that we might see when visiting a collector’s house that is a European castle.” 

5. Together with the Flower Parent and Child (Size: Height approx. 1,950 mm (inner pedestal 100 mm) / Living Room

“What are the expectations of the guests who will come to stay in this room, I wonder? I want to provide them with the utmost sense of omotenashi (hospitality)!! So, I created a new human-sized Flower Parent and Child sculpture. I hope the guests will take lots of photos with it for posting.”

6. HOLLOW (Size: Height 187 mm x Width 385 mm) / Living Room Desk

“There was a song called ‘Kūdōdesu’ by a Japanese rock band named Yura Yura Teikoku and the English translation of the title would be ‘HOLLOW,’ which was what I made into this work. The title of my doctorate dissertation was ‘The Meaning of the Nonsense of the Meaning’, and emptiness was my theme back then already; but this song really captured my intention in its entirety, which made me happy. This small three-dimensional work is made with Nanbu iron, which is very heavy, and its pedestal uses the Murakami camouflage pattern. The piece was specially made for this collaboration. Among the new works I made for this hotel, this was a work full of new challenges.”

7.  A Flower Forest (L)・Zzz (R) / Bedroom Wall

“I wanted to make a space where the guests could relax in a double bedroom and rest with flowers, so I made the bedroom walls and bed full of Flower Parent and Child works. A multicolored flower with its petals filled with smaller flowers—blue-on-blue, purple-on-purple and so on— is displayed on the wall above the bed, and the print is displayed on the wall next to the bed, as if the Flower Parent and Child are sleeping next to you.”

8. Plush Flower Parent and Child (Size: Length 1,800 mm) / Bedroom

“As you can see, it’s a Flower Parent and Child stuffed animal.”

9. Puuuu / Guest Toilet

“Poop! If you stay with your children, I’m sure this one will excite them!”

10. Flower Parent and Child / Bathroom Toilet

“This iconography was the first image of the Flower Parent and Child that came to me as an inspiration in my head.” 

Takashi Murakami Flower Strawberry Afternoon Tea at The French Kitchen

The French Kitchen (2F) will offer a special afternoon tea made with seasonal strawberries and inspired by Takashi Murakami’s famous Flower works. Guests can indulge in Instagrammable desserts such as a colorful flower fromage blanc mousse and our popular strawberry shortcake lined with colorful mini profiteroles that resemble a flower field.

Diners can make it an even more memorable experience by snapping some photos at a special photo spot that is prepared in the restaurant.

Date: February 1 – March 31, 2021

Price: JPY 5,200 (weekdays) JPY 6,200 (weekends w/ glass of champagne) 

Takashi Murakami Flower Afternoon Tea Takeout Box

Grand Hyatt Tokyo is offering a new afternoon tea takeout box in collaboration with Takashi Murakami and the Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project. The box features two layers of vibrant sweet and savory items inspired by the artist’s famous Flower works as well as an original menu card and a purple Flower furoshiki wrapping cloth that was specially created for this collaboration. Only 20 boxes will be sold per day and must be reserved in advance.

Price: JPY 18,000

(Photos: ©2021 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.)

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