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This year Mozaic restaurant is celebrating its 20th anniversary – twenty years of service and food dedicated to promote gastronomy in Bali and all around the world.

Born in 2001, Mozaic has faced much crisis in Bali – the Bali bombings, the tsunami, the SARS, the earthquakes – and yet it has risen against all odds. It is the eagerness and focus of the team at Mozaic, lead by Chef Owner Chris Salans, which has made this possible.

To celebrate its 20th year in service Mozaic has decided to take the challenge at hand and rejoice for the occasion. Mozaic is partnering up with hospitality companies in Bali and across Indonesia, such as PT Multifortuna Sinardelta, and PT Nayati, to join forces and offer exclusive events and entertainment to the residents of Bali, and eventually, of Jakarta.

To begin, due to government restrictions, Mozaic will be welcoming diners 7 days a week from 12pm (noon) until 6:00pm with a closure time at 8pm and all diners will receive a 15% discount on food. Then, every month, the Mozaic team will be hosting a special culinary event, offering their guests a unique and exclusive dining experience.

In January, Chef Salans and his team hosted two Swedish chefs for a six-hands dinner of ‘new Nordic cuisine’. Born in Scandinavia, ‘new Nordic cuisine’ is a culinary movement, with much popularity in the culinary world, to the point where it has helped it become what it is now.

On February 14th, Mozaic will be dressing up in Pink and decorated with rose petals to offer an exclusive romantic dining experience for those who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Chef Salans and his team are preparing a menu of specially curated dishes for this celebration such as Sea Scallops Charred in Banana Leaf, Dry Aged Duck Breast with Fresh Cherries and Valrhona Milk Chocolate Heart with Raspberries and Roses.

On February 23rd, Mozaic will be hosting its annual Caviar dinner in partnership with Kaluga Caviar and Beluga Vodka. For this exclusive annual event Chef Salans has prepared a unique 6 course menu putting his culinary touch on Russian classics such as Blinis & Caviar, Escolar in Caviar Cream Sauce, Beet Borscht and Medovic cake all of which will be served with a decadent 15 grams of caviar per person.

Chef Salans has several amazing dinners already planned, including its annual ‘Winter Black Truffles’ dinner and a collaboration between Aperitif, Locavore and Mozaic restaurants to promote Ubud as a gastronomic destination.

Aside from Mozaic, Chef Salans and his team have launched a home catering service called ‘Dine at Home by Chris Salans’ where Chef Salans sends his chefs and waiters to cook and serve his creations to you. 

The concept is simple – select the set menu of your liking based on your dietary preferences (carnivore, pescatarian or vegetarian) and we’ll send our team to re-create a fine dining experience in the privacy of your home or villa (while following strict measures of safety and sanitation).

A special Festive tasting menu is also offered every month. For this month and until Valentine, Chef Salans and his ‘Dine at Home’ team have created four new dishes for you to celebrate in style – Watermelon Carpaccio in Rendang Spices, Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Wagyu Beef Cheek Bourguignon with Signature Potato Purée and Creamy Chocolate Heart with Raspberries and Torch Ginger Flower.

Dine at Home is a great way to celebrate at home or in your villa with a unique dining experience. For more details, check out Dine at Home at

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