Aman Wellness in 2021

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After a year in which health has been at the forefront of every conversation, and peace of mind has been eroded by stress and uncertainty, the importance of actively focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing has never been as clearly acknowledged as it is today.

Renowned for their peaceful settings, abundant space and unrivalled privacy, Aman’s global constellation of hotels and resorts are designed for an altered way of travelling in a changed world. Whether seeking a solo escape dedicated to personal wellbeing or cherished time with loved ones, in a secure travel pod, Aman’s intimate properties, with free-standing guest pavilions and expansive multi-bedroom villas, are perfect for private buyouts and the ideal sanctuaries in which to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect this year. 

Answering a growing global demand for optimal health, Aman recently welcomed SVA, a range of natural Chinese Herbal Formulas and Micronutrient Supplements. The collection provides varying health benefits, and can be easily integrated into a daily wellness routine, sustaining immune strength.

This year, with the introduction of SVA and several new carefully calibrated outdoor retreats, and the existing Individual Wellness Immersions, Aman will enable guests’ year-round access to wellbeing, from the comfort of home or at any property worldwide.

Journey to Peace Retreats

Sought after by all, the concept of peace is the very essence of Aman and the meaning of the brand’s Sanskrit-derived name. It also forms the inspiration for the four enlightening Journey to Peace retreats that will take place at select Aman destinations this year.

Dedicated to teaching individuals to rediscover this elusive state, these unique three- to six-night spiritual retreats will be led by renowned Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, Lama (monk) Master Geshe YongDong (Geshe La). 

Geshe La became a Buddhist monk when he was just 13 years old, taking his vows at the revered Nangzhig Bönpo monastery. In the three decades since, his spiritual journey has taken him all over the world, from studying with the 14th Dalai Lama to introducing and teaching the YungDrung Bon Buddhism in Canada, where he currently resides.

Today, he is one of a very few Bon spiritual masters living in the west and qualified to offer this teaching.

Each three or six-night Journey to Peace Retreat includes daily Tsa Lung breathwork and meditation and a daily 90- minute group training session. The programme also includes an Aman Signature spa treatment on the day of arrival and a daily 90-minute evening chanting session, mantra recitation and meditation.

Accommodation and full board are included, with optional daily group movement classes and complimentary airport transfers. The shorter, comprehensive three-night retreat includes an additional daily 90-minute group training session.

Amankora Bhutan Punakha Lodge Farmhouse

Living in the Moment Retreat: Creating Space for Peace to Enter

Aman Sveti Stefan (27 September – 3 October) / Amankora (24-30 November)

This six-night retreat will take place on the islet of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro and in the spiritual kingdom of Bhutan; serene locations for contemplation and connection. Throughout the retreat, Geshe La will offer an emotional journey, sharing the ancient lessons of the Bon traditions and guiding individuals through the different stages of achieving an enlightened state of being. 

Each day, the retreat will focus on one of five key concepts that will alter mindsets to allow for a healthier, happier life. These include letting go of attachment, changing perceptions, the power of breath, healing anger, living in the moment, and achieving the union of compassion and wisdom that allows one to live mindfully. 

Amansara, Cambodia, Wellness – Yoga studio

As it is Retreat: Understanding How to Simply Let Go

Amanpuri (19-25 October) / Amansara (1-7 November)

Taking place on the golden shores of Amanpuri in Phuket and on the edge of sacred Angkor at Amansara in Cambodia, this six-night retreat will encourage guests to leave everything ‘as it is’, without judgement. During the programme, Geshe La will guide participants through the practice of letting go of thoughts, allowing them to arise and then leave without challenging their existence. The transformative journey will enable participants to find clarity and solace in the present moment.


Embracing Impermanence: Understanding and Acceptance of Change

Amanoi (7-13 October) / Amantaka (11-17 November) 

Guests can participate in this six-night retreat at Amanoi overlooking tranquil Vinh Hy Bay in Vietnam or at Amantaka in the heart of the Buddhist city of Luang Prabang in Laos. This retreat introduces the concept of Bardo – a liminal state between death and rebirth – and guides participants towards an understanding and acceptance of transience and change. The programme is divided into two.

The first half of the programme focuses on cultivating a sense of calm in body and mind; the second explores mortality through mindfulness, demonstrating how to live a more fulfilled life by accepting what comes after it.

Silent Retreat: Focusing on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Amanoi (14-17 October) / Amantaka (18-21 November)

Our busy everyday lives are full of noise and distractions that disturb our sense of harmony and pull us away from the essential truth of our being. This shorter three-night programme, taking place in Vietnam and Laos, is ideally suited to those that have already experienced a Journey to Peace retreat, and aims to help shut out the clamour of daily life, cultivating a sense of stillness and peace. 

The Silent Retreat focuses on the four foundations of mindfulness – awareness of the body and the senses, of the heart and feelings, of the mind and thoughts, and of the essential impermanence of life.  

Extreme Sports Retreats

This year, Aman has curated new Extreme Sports Retreats for very active and adventurous guests who participate in regular extreme sports events and challenges.From the white-sand beaches of Thailand to the snow-capped peaks of Italy, Aman has made it possible for guests to test their endurance and strength whilst undertaking exhilarating physical challenges in some of earth’s most far-flung and mesmerizing destinations.

The retreats will draw on the dramatic landscapes that surround each resort, with participants embarking on an itinerary of carefully curated outdoor activities, embracing the healing qualities of nature and testing the limits of one’s mental and physical stamina.

Rosa alpina , Italy – Adults Wellness

Rosa Alpina, Italy

Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat (12-18 June)

Extreme Rock-Climbing Retreat (20-26 June)

Located in the picturesque village of San Cassiano in the heart of the Dolomites Mountain Range, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Rosa Alpina will offer two new six-night retreats in June, enabling guests to unearth the dramatic valleys and snow-capped peaks surrounding the hotel on foot, bike, or by climbing their vertical walls. 

While the Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat will offer a challenging high-altitude uphill Skyrunning and mountain biking experience, the Extreme Rock-Climbing Retreat will include climbing excursions for seasoned experts on the region’s numerous renowned rock formations.

With professional mountain guides accompanying every excursion, guests can enjoy challenging climbs along vertical limestone walls and dramatic rocky spires that comprise the world-renowned Italian mountain range.  

Both retreats will include a daily morning yoga or stretching class, followed by an extreme sporting event – be it a Skyrunning half-marathon, rock climbing, via ferrata, a mountain biking excursion, a hike or a triathlon.

During each retreat, recovery and relaxation can be found every evening with a complimentary cosseting treatment and timeout at the hotel’s comprehensive spa. Signature treatments include the Alpine Herbal Muscle Relief, which features a deep-tissue massage using arnica oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to increase circulation and restore muscle strength.

All meals are included in each retreat and alfresco dining amidst the spectacular Alpine scenery surrounding the hotel will maximise time spent outdoors. The hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, St. Hubertus, retained its three Michelin stars this year. Widely recognised for its commitment to offering sustainable gastronomy, the restaurant was also recently awarded a prestigious ‘green star’ by the Italian Michelin Guide, recognising its conservation efforts.

Executive Chef Norbert Niederkofler has run the restaurant, alongside the hotel’s other dining venues, for almost three decades. He works tirelessly to incorporate locally sourced produce into his dishes at St. Hubertus, ensuring a zero-waste approach where menus are printed on paper made from apple pulp and ingredients are determined by the seasons. 

Each six-night retreat includes a daily morning yoga or stretching class, and a daily extreme fitness activity. Accommodation and all meals (excluding alcoholic beverages) are included, as well as four 60-minute spa treatments. All activities are guided by expert instructors.

Swimming Pool – Amanjena

Amanjena, Morocco

Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports Retreat (15-31 October)

Located just outside the fabled red city of Marrakech, Amanjena is a verdant oasis of palm and olive trees. In October, the resort will offer a four-night Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports Retreat, introducing guests to the serene surroundings; the starkly beautiful Agafay Desert and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

Each day of the retreat presents a new challenge; a long-distance desert run, a 60-mile mountain biking excursion and an uphill mountain trail run. Every activity is led by an expert guide, and guests will be provided with all the necessary equipment, such as hydration packs, first aid kits, water and energy bars.

On return to the resort every afternoon, guests will be offered a treatment in the Aman Spa to soothe tired muscles, as well as use of the facilities including two marble clad hammams. Throughout the retreat, guests will enjoy a bespoke meal plan with plenty of balanced carbohydrates and nutrients to reenergise and provide strength.

Each four-night retreat includes morning stretching classes and a daily extreme fitness activity. All meals and a tailored meal plan are also included, as well as two 60-minute Deep Tissue Massages, a 60-minute Thai Stretching Massage and a 90-minute Aman Signature Spa Treatment.

Amanpuri, Thailand – Resort, Main Pool

Amanpuri, Thailand

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon Retreat (18-23 November)

With its tranquil setting, Amanpuri in Phuket has long served as a sanctuary for those seeking a positive shift in both mental and physical wellbeing. This November, the resort will offer a five-night Laguna Phuket Triathlon Retreat, designed specifically for athletes competing in Asia’s longest running triathlon.

Aiming to achieve peak physical health ahead of the triathlon, the retreat begins three days before the event and features a bespoke itinerary that helps to prepare individuals for the challenge. On arrival, each guest will receive a 3D scan and a consultation with a physiotherapist.

Over the next few days, guests will have access to the resort’s extensive hydrotherapy facilities and will be encouraged to relax on the beach or in the Aman Wellness Centre. Stretching sessions and guided practice bike rides along the event course ahead of the triathlon are also included. The day before the event, the Amanpuri team will seamlessly handle all preparation required, including transporting each individual to the event site for race pack collection, bike registration and pre-race briefing. A bike mechanical service is optional.

On the evening prior to the triathlon, participants will be offered an early dinner, as well as a special turndown service which includes bedtime gifts of sleep-improving oils and a sleep mask. A bespoke meal plan will be offered to every guest throughout the retreat, incorporating balanced key nutrients and carbohydrates.

To make the race day even more special, a photographer will be provided by the resort and photographs taken will be printed, framed and presented upon departure. Following the triathlon, guests will be offered a session with a doctor and an IV energy-boosting drip to restore the body to optimal health. Laughter yoga on the beach concludes the stay.

Each five-night retreat includes a bespoke meal plan, a 30-minute wellness orientation, a 3D scan and a 30-minute consultation with a physiotherapist. The retreat also includes two 30-minute stretching sessions, a 90-minute guided cycling in nature experience or a guided practice bike ride on the triathlon course ahead of the event, and a post-race consultation with a doctor and an energy-boosting IV drip.

In addition, guests will be offered a 90-minute Aman Signature Massage, two 90-minute Deep Tissue Massages, a 90-minute Deep Tissue or Foot Massage or a 60-minute physiotherapy session, and a 90-minute Thai Massage at The Aman Spa. Each retreat will also include two 60-minute beach yoga sessions.

Amanpulo, Philippines – Watersport, Kitesurfing, Kitesurfer at Sunset

Amanpulo, The Philippines

Extreme Water Sports Retreat (3-6 December / 10-13 December / 17-20 December)

The sole inhabitant of Pamalican Island in the Philippines, Amanpulo is a private retreat with a jungle centre framed by kilometres of coral sand. Accessible by private plane from Manila, the resort offers a secluded escape that feels a world away from anywhere.

In December, Amanpulo will host three Extreme Water Sports Retreats. The three-night retreats are available for fitness enthusiasts and, in keeping with the island’s relaxed approach, itineraries can be tailored so that guests can be as active as they wish. During the retreat, guests can participate in numerous challenges, testing their body’s limits whilst expanding the lungs and absorbing the healing qualities of Amanpulo’s natural surroundings.

Off-shore, an open water 3.5-mile island-to-island swim offers a rewarding way to meet the community on nearby Manamoc island. Keen kitesurfers can head to the eastern coast of Pamalican Island, to Amanpulo’s Kite & Surf Centre. Located to take advantage of the north-easterly wind, known locally as Amihan, the resort’s professional kitesurf instructors offer introductory lessons or advanced coaching. Amanpulo’s PADI dive centre offers scuba diving courses for all levels and freediving excursions.

During these excursions, guests will be guided into the depths of the sea in search of natural treasures and vibrant marine life. Above water, guests can make use of the resort’s watersports equipment, including pedalboards that strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

On land, guests can enjoy a 3.5-mile beach run along the island’s golden shores and a two-hour hike to the summit of Mount English, located on Manamoc. Guests can also explore the resort’s jungle workout trail. Woven amongst the trees, the trail comprises 13 obstacles ranging from monkey bars and a tyre run, to a rope and wall climb, and is designed to challenge strength and coordination. 

Each three-night retreat includes daily breakfast, a beach run, a jungle run, a Sunset Breeze yoga session, a Sunset Yin yoga session, a scuba diving excursion, a hike to Mount English, a 50-minute Holistic Massage, an open sea swim, a kitesurfing session, a freediving excursion and daily group wellness activities. All activities are guided by expert instructors.

Amanbagh – Yoga

Advanced Yoga Retreat

Amanbagh (7-14 October)

A secluded sanctuary in the Aravalli Hills of rural Rajasthan, Amanbagh’s towering palms and eucalyptus trees welcome guests into a hidden oasis. Meaning ‘peaceful garden’ in Sanskrit, the resort’s surroundings are among the most remote yet luscious in the region. This autumn, Amanbagh will offer a seven-night Advanced Yoga Retreat for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. 

Coinciding with the Navaratri Festival, the retreat will offer a unique experience each day that will follow one of the nine methods of worship of the Goddess Durga, in line with local celebrations. On arrival at Amanbagh, guests will receive an Ayurvedic herbal shot to reenergise and a 60-minute full-body massage to release tension from the long drive to the resort. 

Group yoga sessions will be held every day throughout the retreat and will focus on twelve different Pranayama practices, four types of meditation, and will incorporate multiple advanced yoga poses.

Guests can also explore the ancient forts, serene lakes and tiger-inhabited wilds of surrounding Rajasthan during the retreat. Daily cultural excursions include a cycle ride to a nearby gwara (a small village), a trek to Somsagar Lake, a trip to the Sariska tiger reserve, a visit to the Neelkanth and Narayani Mata Temples, and an excursion to Bhangarh Fort. Every evening, the resort team will prepare a soothing herbal bath in the pavilions to comfort weary muscles.

Guests will also be asked to study select material to deepen their understanding of the art of yoga and its healing qualities. All meals served during the retreat will follow a bespoke nutrition plan based on a Sattvic diet, with a focus on the fresh produce from the resort’s organic garden. 

The seven-night retreat includes all meals, a full-body massage and an orientation workshop on the day of arrival, as well as daily guided group yoga and meditation sessions, cultural excursions, educational talks, self-study time (material provided), and a final evaluation and one-on-one catch up with the Yoga Master prior to departure.

Medicinal Herb Garden and Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat

Amanbagh (year-round)

Medicinal plants are an invaluable biological resource, closely associated with healthcare, cuisine, traditions and culture. Amanbagh’s 1.5-hectare organic garden offers the opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of these plants and their many uses in Ayurveda, India’s 5,000-year-old ‘science of life’.

The resort’s garden is home to over 300 different species of herbs and the on-property Ayurveda physician incorporates these herbs into treatments at the Aman Spa on a daily basis. Herbal bundles including blue madar, tamarind and castor are well known for treating muscle pain, inflammation and improving blood circulation, while aloe vera leaves and hibiscus can be incorporated into oils for massages to combat dry skin and various other ailments such as swelling or hair loss.

In 2021, Amanbagh will offer a minimum four-night Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat. After an in-depth assessment, the resort’sAyurveda physician will ensure a programme uniquely tailored to individual needs.

Each day, guests will enjoy an immune-support shot, a selection of restorative herbal teas, a daily private movement session, a bespoke Ayurveda spa treatment, guided walks at sunrise and morning group yoga sessions.

Throughout the stay, healthy meals will incorporate fresh ingredients from the organic garden and guests will also receive abhyanga; a massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils, encouraging a deep cleansing of body and mind.

The Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat is available for a minimum of four-nights. The programme includes a wellness consultation on arrival, as well as daily private movement sessions and a daily immune-supporting wellness treatment. In addition, guests can enjoy daily morning group yoga classes and guided sunrise walks, and daily prescribed healthy immune-boosting juices and herbal teas. On departure, a final wellness consultation will be offered to every guest. Accommodation and full board are included.

Aman Spa Navajo Sage Smudge Stick

Holistic Immune Support Retreat

Amangiri (12-15 November)

Set in a sacred landscape where the forces of nature free the soul, clear the mind and create time and space for deep purification, Amangiri is a serene destination in which to build immune response, restore balance and increase wellbeing. The Holistic Immune Support Retreat invites guests to walk through nature in the footsteps of ancient Navajo healers, experience the benefits of local healing herbs and wellness practices, and renew your body’s natural resistance to infection and disease.

A three-night, full-board programme combining nutrition, fitness activities and meditation to holistically bolster the immune system, this retreat has been designed by Aman’s wellness specialists in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Leary and Dr. Sam Faramarzi of Remedy Place, the world’s first social wellness club.

On arrival, guests will be welcomed with vitamin shots and a crystal sound bath meditation session before enjoying a curated group dinner based around anti-inflammatory ingredients. Each morning, circuit training workouts to spark energy will be followed by breathwork to enhance oxygen utilization and cold-water plunges to reduce inflammation.

Daily vitamin IV drips will be infused by Dr. Farmarzi himself, while free time can be spent indulging in a spa treatment or discovering Amangiri’s spectacular surrounds. A sunset ceremony with a sound bowl stretching experience will take place on the final evening, and a pre-flight IV drip on the final morning will bring the programme to a close. Aman’s new range of health supplements, SVA, will be gifted as part of the programme, allowing guests to continue their immune-boosting journey at home.

The three-night retreat includes a group orientation and a crystal sound bath meditation session on arrival. Guests will also enjoy a daily group circuit-training workout class and a post-workout breathwork session, as well as complimentary access to the resort’s Aman Spa and hydrotherapy facilities.

In addition, the programme includes daily anti-inflammatory healthy juices and vitamin IV drips, and a bespoke meal plan incorporating immune-strengthening produce. Accommodation and full board are included, with complimentary return airport transfers from Page in Arizona.

Aman Spa Swimming Pool

Misogi Retreat

Aman Tokyo (year-round)

Occupying the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo is an exclusive sanctuary set high above the energetic whirl of the Japanese capital. The hotel’s 2,500sq-m Aman Spa covers two floors and is the largest and most comprehensive spa in Tokyo. In 2021, Aman Tokyo will offer a three-night Misogi Retreat, combining bodywork, nutrition, mindfulness and meditative practices to achieve a deep inner transformation and to support overall wellbeing for a longer and healthier life.

To train the mind, guests will take part in daily yoga and breathing exercises, as well as Tao meditation and mindfulness training to gain stronger control over the emotions. Additional lessons include Kodo: a Zen practice that uses incense to help tune into the senses, the human spirit and nature; Shakyo, a Sutra hand-writing meditative practice; traditional Japanese mindfulness lessons in flower arranging, Batto practice, calligraphy and a Japanese tea ceremony at a nearby Dojo (traditional Japanese practice studio). 

To train the body, guests will receive advice on supporting the immune system with a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and Acupuncture sessions. Seasonal daily herbal bath pouches will be shared with guests to enjoy in the comfort of their own rooms. In addition, guests will have access to the hydrotherapy facilities in the spa and will be encouraged to regularly soak in a warm Japanese bath.

The warm water lowers blood sugar levels, flushing out toxins and, when paired with cold shower bursts, improves circulation, increasing the heart rate and stimulating the production of noradrenaline and beta-endorphins.

To purify the spirit, guests can also participate in a public Ogoma Ritual at Fukagawa Fudo temple. This ritual is performed to eliminate negative energies, detrimental thoughts and desires, and to make wishes and give blessings. 

The three-night retreat includes a wellness orientation on arrival, as well as a welcome kit comprising a mindfulness book, a journal and a Shakyo set. The programme also includes a yoga or stretching session, three morning meditation or breathing exercise classes, two mindfulness training sessions, an excursion to a temple to experience a public Ogoma ritual, two Kodo sessions, two Japanese traditional craft lessons, and two 60-minute Acupuncture treatments.

Additionally, accommodation, all meals, a daily health juice or tea, a wellness minibar, late check-out and complimentary return airport transfers are also included.

AMANEMU – Outside Mineral Pool Relaxation Area and Daybeds

The Healing Power of Toij Retreat

Amanemu (November 2020 – April 2021)

Set on the shores of Ago Bay overlooking its picturesque islets and drifting pearl rafts and surrounded by the verdant forests of Ise Shima National Park, Amanemu is an intimate retreat with just 24 suites and six multi-bedroom villas.

This year, Amanemu will offer a new two-night retreat, which will draw on the healing powers of Japan’s Toji bathing tradition. ‘Toji’ translates directly into “hot water cure” in English and is widely recognised in Japan as a medical treatment, involving an extended period of relaxation in a hot spring. The water’s elevated temperature is said to help recuperate injured muscles and reduces stress and fatigue, reenergising both the body and mind.

During the retreat, guests will have access to the resort’s 2,000sq-m Aman Spa, which is centred around a hot spring, and will enjoy a 30-minute lesson on the ancient ritual. The lesson is followed by a private two-hour bathing experience in the spa’s two Onsen bathing facilities. Further opportunities to draw on the healing powers of the Toji tradition can be found in the private Onsens located in every suite or villa. 

The two-night retreat includes accommodation and daily breakfast, a 30-minute lesson on Toji bathing, a two-hour private Onsen bathing experience in the Aman Spa, and a healthy Wa-box for lunch. 

Detoxifying Treatments

Amanoi (year-round)

Ensconced in Núi Chúa National Park where pristine jungle tumbles into the crystal waters of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi has developed new spa treatments available in 2021 including Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage that detoxifies the internal organs, stimulates the metabolism and reduces digestive disorders; an Indian Head Massage, which focuses on ‘Marma’ points to calm and balance the nervous system; and Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, known to boost immune strength.  

Designed exclusively for guests seeking a holistic wellbeing experience immersed in nature, the treatments can take place at the Aman Spa or, for those wanting a more immersive wellness stay, at a Wellness Pool Villa which combines an exceptional standard of accommodation with integrated spa and wellbeing facilities. Overlooking a serene lake strewn with lotus blossoms, the Lake Wellness Pool Villa draws upon the healing properties of water and includes a modern hammam.

The Forest Wellness Pool Villa has panoramic views across the hills of Núi Chúa National Park and draws on the healing power and sacred wisdom of trees – both in the programme of treatments and activities, and in the therapies offered in its timber-clad banya. The private Wellness Villas include a spacious bedroom and living area opening onto an expansive relaxation deck with a 15-metre swimming pool.

Each is equipped with its own steam room, cold plunge pool and Jacuzzi; and a dedicated spa therapist is on hand to curate personalised spa treatments in the double treatment room.

Wellness Immersions

Amanpuri / Amanoi / Amanemu / Amanbagh / Amanyara

Aman’s flagship holistic hideaways each provide a powerful environment for change and will continue to offer carefully calibrated Individual Wellness Immersions, balancing every aspect of health and wellness in 2021.

Tailored from start to finish to meet personal goals, these life-enhancing, multi-day, personalised programmes are based on thorough testing and assessments, and include a customised routine with daily spa and wellness treatments, a considered diet or cleanse, and suggested exercise. Sensitively curated, they promise guests expert guidance and advice, and time in which to reflect, recalibrate and reset the course of long-term wellbeing. 

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