Upcoming Project Launches in 2021

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Maldives’ First SCIE:NCE Centre at Soneva Fushi

Soneva recently announced its plans to open a SCIE:NCE Centre in the Maldives. SCIE:NCE is short for Soneva Centre for Island Ecosystems. The Centre will be located onsite at Soneva Fushi, and will be designed in a similar manner to the Soneva Art and Glass Studio. The objective of the new centre is to create great guest experiences and learning opportunities around the subjects of marine and terrestrial biology and astronomy, as well as Soneva’s conservation efforts.

SCIE:NCE is set to develop and record short educational videos, which will be shared online. Children and teenagers will also be able to sign up for online courses which will be distributed through existing educational platforms, such as FutureLearn.

Soneva has appointed Dr. Bart Knols – who was instrumental in the implementation of Soneva’s sustainable, insecticide-free mosquito management system – to oversee the set-up of the Centre. The Centre will be built with funds coming from donations and grants and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. 

SCIE:NCE will include key facilities, such as a research laboratory for in-house scientists and scholars visiting from around the world, an outdoor semi-field structure for behavioural and ecological studies on mosquitoes and a coral propagation centre which will have the capacity to produce 50,000 pieces of coral a year. soneva.com

Steve Leung Design Group (SLD)

Opening SLD+ Corporate Culture Centre in Shanghai

Located next to SLD’s Shanghai headquarters, SLD+ presents Steve Leung’s endless inspirations towards design, unfolding the footprints of SLD’s development. From sheer space planning to minimalist furnishing design, SLD+ white and clean outline embody Steve’s design aesthetic of modernity and simplicity.

The 2-storey building is designed with only one rectangular window and entrance as the exterior, radiating a sense of mystery covered by a layer of light gauze. The striking visual context between the pitch black of the interior and the stark white of the exterior embark visitors on a journey of exploration and discovery.

SLD+ aims to provide a creative space for endless inspiration and boundless outreach. In addition to the generous exhibition areas, it also features a well-equipped multi-functional space, a spacious meeting room and a striking VIP experience zone for customers, business partners, media and peer fellows from the design industry.

SLD+ is determined to provide a platform to encourage cross-border collaborations and break boundaries, letting the visitors to experience our proud commitment to design. Through mutual inspiration, people continue to put into practice the philosophy of “Design Without Limits” and to build a better tomorrow with design. SLD+ will set its grand opening in 2021, with precise details to be announced at later stage.www.sldgroup.com

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