Converse Cleans the Air in Jakarta

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And Cities Across the Globe, Through Sustainable Street Art

Street art has previously been an act of rebellion but has since become a celebration of creatives and an artistic medium for social progress. Converse has launched a campaign in cities across the globe, painting sustainable murals and bringing new meaning to street art. 

Members of our global Converse All Stars community of creatives have partnered with Converse to paint murals in cities across the world using KNOxOUT paint, which uses sunlight to reduce noxious air pollutants, purifying the surrounding air. The street art campaign, which first launched globally in August 2019, has been dubbed “Converse City Forests” and is a celebration of creating together for social progress.

Through the vision of local creatives, Converse believes that self-expression and art have the power to reflect the current times, provoke dialogue, and build bridges between us. The murals are a public call for progress in highly visible areas of each city and are bringing new meaning to street art to create a more sustainable and just future. 

As cities reopen and recover, the hope is that these murals can be a bright spot: provoking dialogue on the role art plays in our daily lives and on the streets, and reflecting a more sustainable and equitable future through the messages from local young creatives.

Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, the mural will be located right outside the French Institute of Indonesia (IFI). Located at Jalan Thamrin, this location has been strategically chosen due to the high levels of air pollution caused by motor vehicles in the surrounding area. Along with prominent local artists Olderplus and Blesmokie, this sustainable mural represents the Roots of the Indonesian people.

“I’m really stoked to be able be part of this project. We are not just painting beautiful art, but the intention of this execution is also really deep – we are given an opportunity to celebrate the resilient spirit of Indonesians, and also help rid the environment of harmful air pollution. So to me, our work doesn’t just serve as a pretty mural, but it also impacts the environment positively” said Olderplus. “This mural represents the first collaboration between me and Oldie, which makes it even more exciting for me.” Adds Blesmokie.

And City Forest will not stop in Jakarta.  Converse is actively looking to keep the momentum going, commissioning local artists across various parts of Indonesia, and the globe, to support its mission to create fresh air in cities. To learn more about Converse City Forest, visit

About Converse

Converse Inc., headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIKE, Inc. It was born in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specialized in galoshes. Shortly thereafter, the same rubber was used in the tennis shoes’ mamufacturing. It was in 1920 the brand produced the first basketball shoes made of canvas, baptized “All Star”, for buried balls in the courts.

Today, Converse is sold globally in more than 160 countries, and has conquered a rich legacy of legendary footwear such as the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, Cons and Chuck Taylor All Star II lines which have been present at several moments in history, making music, urban art and skateboarding around the streets of the world, besides being considered fashion icons and companions of the workdays. Each line developed by Converse has its identity, style and customization making it a brand that does not create limits for its fans.

About Artist


Born & raised in jakarta, 1987. Olderplus is a graphic designer/ illustrator / visual artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. Become interested in doing grafitti since 2004. Grew up in Bandung and Jakarta graffiti scene. And now he is joining Gardu House, Indonesiaʼs largest graffiti community.


SMOKE from Tuban, Surabaya City, Indonesia. People usually call me Amie. Smoke start painting graffiti since 2003. Beside graffiti Smoke usually do illustrating, design graphic, and make some tattoo. Until now Smoke live, work, chill here at GARDUHOUSE, a home of Indonesia graffiti based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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