How to Boost a Drop Shipping Store Performance

Through Instagram Paid Ads

By Kate Lapicka 

We’ve said this a million times before: AliDropship team consists of actual dropshipppers who run their own stores.

And, as you already know, we LOVE testing new promotional methods whenever possible.

This way, we gain skills and knowledge, so that we can recommend you the most efficient marketing strategies!

Today, we would like to share quite curious experience we had with Instagram Paid Ads, and we hope you’ll benefit from it heavily.

Why use Instagram paid ads for drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a really specific type of business, we must say.

Basically, your customers buy products they’ve never seen in real life, from an online store they’ve never visited in person.

That’s hardcore.

Their courage definitely deserves your respect, so support your customers! Don’t leave them all alone and insecure.

To motivate them to make a purchase, you need to:

  • Showcase your products in a clear and detailed way
  • Build the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable store

Both of these goals can be achieved with the help of Instagram. This social network is a true blessing for businessmen because it lets you:

  • Demonstrate the features of your offers through photos, image galleries, videos, etc.
  • Provide social proof through your followers’ actions: subscriptions, leaving feedback through comments and posts, etc.

To make your potential customers familiar with your store offers and to gain a bigger exposure, you can safely use Instagram Paid Ads. That’s a relatively young feature that was only introduced in 2016, and it can actually do magic.

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