Xing Fu Tang Nicked Khong Guan to Launch Signature Malkist

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Combo-Treats Of Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Malkist Crackers Ready for Gulping & Becoming New Favorite at Every Xing Fu Tang Stand Starting This August

After decades and growing into a legend in national food and drink industry, top biscuit and wafer maker in Indonesia, Khong Guan and Xing Fu Tang, a hip boba drink brand, joined forces to bring a series of new products combining the iconic tasty brown sugar boba from Xing Fu Tang with the delight of the legendary Khong Guan’s products.

The first collab-product from the new product collection recently launched is Malkist Signature drink, a combination of Signature drink from Xing Fu Tang (Brown sugar boba milk) and Khong Guan’s Malkist Crackers. Known as the people’s favorite dish, the mix brings a product with a special taste that is uniquely refreshing, convenient and close to the consumers’ hearts.

Vancelia Wiradjaja, Managing Director of PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia, master franchisee of Xing Fu Tang Indonesia, stated that, “Xing Fu Tang and Khong Guan have captivated their consumers from a large demographic. With Xing Fu Tang’s 60-year old traditional recipe and Khong Guan’s 50-year tradition, the product will definitely bring a unique touch for the consumers. Xing Fu Tang and Khong Guan share similar values, namely to bring about happiness and togetherness for their consumers, which hopefully the new collaboration, Signature Malkist menu, would be able to deliver” 

Further, Vancelia explained that having been in Indonesia for a whole year, the company is committed to coming up with innovations in Indonesia’s F&B industry, Signature Malkist menu fuses the sweet taste of original Taiwanese brown sugar boba and milk with an extra delicacy of Khong Guan Malkist Crackers on top of it. The fusion of these two exceptionalities for certain had created a treat that is unique with a hip taste of boba drink. Such a warm and happy nostalgic notion presents a familiar indulgence close to many people’s childhood. 

Meanwhile, Supriatman Lesmana, Marketing Manager of PT. Khong Guan Biscuits Indonesia explained that Khong Guan has always been opened for collaboration, a concrete commitment and effort to always come up with fresh innovations for our consumers. It is a strategic means for both Khong Guan and Xing Fu Tang to not only expand each of their existing market shares but also to innovate and come up with a new product that will be received well by both consumers. Khong Guan Malkist Crackerss product has been Indonesian people’s favorite pass time snack for a long time and it is still one of the top products in the cracker biscuits category.

Candy Setiawan, PR Manager of PT. Khong Guan Biscuits Indonesia added that in 50 years, Khong Guan Group has always been consistent in making quality biscuits with ISO 22000 standard:2005 for its consumers’ satisfaction. Khong Guan is one of biscuit companies known to have 9 biscuit categories in Indonesia, namely: Assorted, Crackers, Cookies, Wafer, Marie, Sandwich, Pie, dan Wafer Roll.

Signature Malkist drink will be available at every Xing Fu Tang stand in Indonesia as from 26 August 2020. Consumers can also get this product online by way of GoFood, GrabFood, and Tokopedia at the price of Rp40.000. During the promotion period, Xing Fu Tang Indonesia will release a few special merchandises; from stickers especially for Xing Fu Tang x KG, limited edition T-shirt, and photo booth installment at selected stands. 

Khong Guan group was established in 1970, supporting brands such as Khong Guan, Nissin, Monde and Serena. Khong Guan Group managed to become a market leader in biscuit category in Indonesia. As from 1980, Khong Guan Group’s products were no longer limited to local customers only as they opened export to more than 40 countries, contributing to more than 20% of total company’s sales. 

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