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Spotlighting Hilda Impey, Jese Medina-Suarez and Elliott Hambrook

Wilson Associates, the internationally recognised interior design firm, showcases the next three designers in line with its #CollectivelyWilson campaign.

Elliott Hambrook

Hilda Impey, Design Director, Principal at the Dubai studio knew she wanted to be a designer when she was intrigued by social anthropology as a subject, its relationship with design and the impact on communities’ lifestyles. She has embarked on a continuous search for the specific formula to find inspiration when conceptualising projects though she attributes much of her creativity to her hometown in Mexico City. Hilda believes this is one of the limitless searches as designers: to find the sweet spot between creativity and discovering new stories. 

Jese Medina-Suarez

The advice Jese Medina-Suarez, Design Director, Principal at the London studio offers to young designers is to absorb knowledge from people around them as each person knows things that the other might not. With more insights collected from various sources, one will be better prepared. He finds himself always taking notes of his colleagues’ insights, and says “these gems will prove useful when we least expect it”. 

Hilda Impey

Elliott Hambrook, Interior Designer at the Shanghai studio finds his inspiration through music, imagining a soundtrack to the project he is designing. Sound often represents what people want from an experience in a space. An easy and efficient way to access the local culture of the site that you are working on is through listening to music as well. In a tactile way, working with a material sample palette helps and to get past the flatness of working on paper or in front of a screen. 

#CollectivelyWilson interviews are posted every Friday on their Instagram, Facebook and website.

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