Batik Kain Kami Announces the Launch of Batik Draped Kimono

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‘Batik Kain Kami’ batik is soaked in a culture of carrying on untold symbolic stories by talented artisans. The techniques in creating the works of art were passed down from generation to generation. Batik has become the main attraction for the tourist industry in Indonesia; and it has become a significant aspect of the Indonesian economy.

However, one challenge that many artisans face is the lack of appreciation from the younger generation in the art of batik making. Batik is swirled in drabbed earthy tone colors (brown-yellow color made from trees) that have become unappealing to many younger generations up until its resurgence in recent trends.

Batik Kain Kami envisions promoting these storytelling textiles, bringing the joy of Indonesia’s finest artform by utilizing more playful color and unifying culture with modern movement. We plan to innovate more contemporary designs and colors to attract more of the younger segment whilst retaining the heritage and culture of Batik. Our goal is to push Batik into the spotlight and bolster its perception from more than just traditional formal attire to become the nation’s pride. [Hopeful to change people’s view as a Nation’s pride more than just traditional formal attire.]

Batik is, and has always been an indispensable part of the Indonesian culture, and we’re thrilled to be continuing to keep this age-old craft alive. Uplifting crafters to become more financially independent and to encourage younger artisans to carry on the traditions of batik making.

One of our first product releases [Batik Kain Kami] the Draped Kimono is intentionally oversized in its fit and tailored for a relaxed feel. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit different tastes and preferences. What defines its uniqueness even more is that these Draped Kimonos are created only in a few pieces. Batik Kain Kami will be creating more timeless Ready To Wears. 

The oversized fit encourages the everyday woman to feel empowered and feminine whatever she is doing – whether she is running errands, juggling meetings, or seeing friends for drinks. Even kicking it back at home with a book and a cup of tea, the Draped Kimono feels right at home and allows its wearer to lounge in comfort and style.

Lounge in comfort and style, this piece is a timeless essential, carrying our nation’s artwork handcrafted by artisans and perfect for any time of the day. The Batik Draped Kimono is a timeless piece, carrying out The Batik Draped Kimono is perfect for any time of the day.

About Batik Kain Kami

Batik Kain Kami is based in Solo and Showroom in Jakarta. They focus on collaborating and supporting more local artisans to help achieve financial independence. Encouraging the next generation to continue the legacy of batik creation. Batik Kain Kami has introduced these storytelling fabrics overseas, encouraging handcrafted goods from Indonesia.

Available in Tokopedia BatikKainKami Instagram: @batikkainkami 

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