To Fight Back Covid-19 Aviary Bintaro Launched Aviary Clean & Care

Due to the pandemic coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which infected more than 100.000 people in more than 60 countries around the world, it is important for each other to maintain healthy and cleanliness. In addition to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness at your home, Aviary Bintaro launched Aviary Clean and Care to show that everybody should be live in safety and healty.

They provide complete sanitation, general detailing and cleaning packages for residences, offices, restaurants, schools, houses of worship, playground and others.

Aviary offered 4 sanitation packages starts from Complete Sanitation and General Cleaning only Rp20.000 per square meters. General Cleaning only Rp15.000 per square meters. Basic Saniation only Rp5.000 per square meters and they have special price from 3 times visit only Rp600.000.

The sanitation to Nurul Fajri Mosque, Tangerang Selatan, as part of CSR

As part of our continous support to help some areas with densely populated around Bintaro and to avoid spread of the Covid-19, they do the sanitation to Fajri Mosque, Tangerang Selatan. They also remind to the community how to the importance things of cleanliness could be done together.

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