Robust, Stripped-Back and Primes for Performance

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BR-X1 R.S.19 

The ergonomic design and ultra-functionality of Bell & Ross’ BR-X1 gets the R.S.19 treatment, making every second count. With every BR-X1 chronograph, Bell & Ross has pushed with the limits of extreme micro-engineering, stripping the movement, dial, case and pushbuttons down to their purest functionality: raw performance at its most uncompromising and streamlined, which is reminiscent of Formula 1®. 

Designed as a high-octane race car for the wrist, the BR-X1 R.S.19 has been created for fully functional operation at the wheel: ergonomic ‘rocker’ push-buttons suitable for use with gloves, highly legible dial details colored in keeping with Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg’s cockpit controls and extreme lightweight thanks to the combination of grade 5 titanium, ceramic and rubber. 

The square case of the BR-X1 is surrounded by a bumper in micro-blasted ceramic and rubber that acts as a peripheral pro- tective shell. Rubber grip elements have also been integrated into the case to ensure better handling when activating the chronograph’s ‘rocker’ pushbuttons, even while wearing gloves. 

New to the BR-X1 this year is the addition of a ‘time marker’ outgrowth to the dial’s circumferential bezel ring. Following a hot lap, the team back in the pitlane can instantly mark wher- ever the chronograph’s yellow running seconds hand has been stopped, by rotating and aligning its yellow triangle. Following a second lap, the respective times can be instantly compared. 

The BR-X1 R.S.19 is a limited edition of 250 pieces. 

BR X1 Tourbillon RS19

1 RPM for Every 15,000 RPM 

BR-X1 Tourbillion R.S.19

Taking pole position for Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team’s R.S.19 collection is a miniature F1® engine for the wrist, turbo-charged by a tourbillon. 

Meaning ‘whirlwind’ in French, the tourbillon is the ultimate tune-up in the high octane world of Haute Horlogerie and sure enough, Bell & Ross’ Renault F1® Team R.S.19 collection benefits from the addition of a particularly sporty example. 

Whirring the ticking escapement and throbbing balance-wheel around by 360o per minute, the tourbillon cage at 6 o’clock evens-out the pull of gravity across the movement’s regulating parts, improving timekeeping and reducing friction at certain pinch points: an ingenious invention dating back over two cen- turies. 

Like an F1® engine itself, the manufacturing and hand-assembling of a tourbillon cage, with a far smaller balance-wheel to fine-tune as it rotates inside this cramped space, is an extraordinary undertaking. The vision is mesmeric, however a thrilling showcase of fine mechanical watchmaking. In combination with the stripped-back and highly technical case design of the BR-X1, fitted with Bell & Ross’ new lap-by-lap time marker around the bezel and stopwatch chronograph functionality, the R.S.19 Tour- billon is a turbocharged triumph of precision engineering and passion. 

These exceptional timepieces take the quest for excellence and precision to its apex. 

The BR-X1 Tourbillion Chronograph R.S.19 is a limited edi- tion of 20 pieces. 

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