Greenhouse Successfully Expands its Wings in 2018

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Greenhouse, a market entry platform and co-working space that believes in connectivity and environmental sustainability, has rocket its first year of operation. In less than 10 months, Greenhouse have contributed significantly to the community and environment by working together with A-list companies and environmental conscious organizations. With 2 objective in mind, market entry enabler and contributor of positive environment & social impact, Greenhouse successfully expands its wings in 2018. 

At the time when Greenhouse opened its gates to the public in February 2018, many questioned whether there is a need or space for ‘another co-working space’ in Jakarta. The already saturated market and the exponential growth of similar spaces skyrocketed over the last year, which raised some concerns about the viability of Greenhouse’s existence. Despite all the concerns and doubters, Greenhouse has proven to be an outstanding example of how a new company can navigate in a red-ocean market and build the foundation of something ambitious just in a few months. 

Greenhouse opened its first location in Kuningan. A massive 1.800 m2 space with 228 seats, out of which 169 are in 33 private offices and 59 are placed in the co-working area. Implementing environmental sustainability with its interior design, Greenhouse offers a green, bright, spacious space with a fantastic Jakarta city view. Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, AWS, Linkedin, Line, GoJek, Quora, Visa, H&M, Harley-Davidson, IBM held their events at Greenhouse. 

Less than a year, Greenhouse has hosted more than 100 events and grown triple its team members. Not only hosting events, Greenhouse is also contributing its efforts to support organizations that have a positive environmental or social impact by providing free venue for this organizations and helped arranged their events. Australian Embassy, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Sweden, European Union just to name a few are organizations that have worked with Greenhouse to widen the message of environmental sustainability and promote positive social impact. To summarize, Greenhouse has co-organized more than 60 community events that include CSR, wellness and business activities. 

In the same way, Greenhouse collaborates with to initiate planting one tree on behalf of each member every month. In result to that, Greenhouse have planted 1.000 trees in hope to fight deforestation in Indonesia. Greenhouse action is also showcased through its zero waste initiative with 80% trash segregation rate. Greenhouse is consistently finding new ways to maintain environmental sustainability. 

On October 2018, Greenhouse successfully launched its Booster Program whose objective is to help both local and international companies, with an end to end service in order to ease their entry and presence in Indonesia’s market. To do this, Greenhouse is working together with 23 partners to make sure the right service is given to the right company. As our members (companies) are very diverse, coming from 11 different countries in 5 continents, each will be well equipped and supported with relevant information and/or services to enter and/or grow their businesses in Indonesia, such as market entry services, legal, recruitment and investment advisers. Greenhouse Booster Program gives in-kind products and services to the Greenhouse community for free with a total value of around IDR 500,000,000 (SGD 50,000). 

As a market entry enabler, Greenhouse has also organized 3 globally recognized events Startup Weekend backed by Google and Techstars, Fuckup Nights co-organised with ImpactHub Jakarta and Silicon Drinkabout which is a new concept in Jakarta, brought from Silicon Valley. All this three events are catered for entrepreneurs and startup community to help them gain more knowledge in conducting successful business in Asia, especially Indonesia. 

Viktor Kyosev, Head of Greenhouse Indonesia said, ​“We are very pleased that Greenhou​se able to grow rapidly and prove its strength in less than a year. Welcoming 2019, we are excited to do more impactful activities for our community. We are planning to launch a program, that will make it possible to plant even more trees, build water wells and putting children in school in 2019. We are hoping that Greenhouse can help more and more companies to enter their business in Indonesia while at the same time being conscious to the environment.” 

About Greenhouse 

Greenhouse is a co-working space that believes in connectivity and environmental sustainability. Greenhouse aims to help companies move forward by creating a working environment that connects to nature and builds an ecosystem which designed for growth and wellness. Greenhouse purpose is to help both local and international companies, with an end to end service in order to ease their entry and presence in Indonesia’s market. The first Greenhouse location opened in February 2018 at Multivision Tower (Kuningan Mulia Lot 9B, Central Jakarta) that caters for 228 seats. Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, AWS, Accelerasia, RIFF Digital and many more have chosen Greenhouse for their events or as their day to day office space. 

For more information, see ​Greenhouse

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