G Hotel Spreading Love at ACS Stepping Stone Centre

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All members in Asia Community Service (ACS) Stepping Stone Centre recently had a good time thanks to G Hotel’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. A total of 23 volunteers from G Hotel including Michael Hanratty, general manager of G Hotel paid a visit to the centre to do a bit of charity.

ACS Stepping Stone Centre provides a workplace and learning opportunities for special needs individuals so that they can be more economically independent and become a contributing member of the community. They are employed to produce batik, handmade soap, handmade paper and many more daily supplies.

Welcoming them was Khor Ai Na, chief executive officer of the centre. Khor took the G Hotel’s team for a tour around the centre which includes the bakery, weaving room and workshops. After the tour, all G Hotel’s volunteers were divided into 3 teams with different tasks. Task 1 was cleaning the ceiling fans and vents, task 2 was cleaning the pottery studio and finally the third task was removing cassette magnetic tapes. 

 At task 1, all the men in the team put on gloves and masks to unscrew and remove the fan’s grill on the ceiling. After it has been taken down, they had to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the thick dust and then followed by wiping it with wet cloths. They cleaned all the ceiling fans and swept and mopped the floor. 

Team 2 at the pottery studio had to tidy up all the mess in there. They had to re-arrange properly all the tools and products on the racks. They also cleaned up all the dust and swept the floor clean 

The task for team 3, removing cassette magnetic tapes does not seem as easy as how you would think. They were required to remove the magnetic tapes carefully without damaging it as the ACS members will use the magnetic tapes to weave it into scarfs. 

After two hours of cleaning, G Hotel’s volunteers have also prepared some ice-breaking activities to entertain the members at the centre. They played and danced happily together with all the members. Everyone truly enjoyed a great time with the fun-filled games.  

Apart from that, a December Birthday Celebration was organizedwith a Green Velvet Cake delivered fresh from G Hotel’s pastry kitchen. Each of the ACS members then received a gift from the team as well. In fact, it was a special day for Ooi Khye Kit, Director of Food & Beverage from G Hotel as it was his actual birthdate. He took the chance to sing the birthday song and celebrate with all the ACS members. What a meaningful birthday it was!

As a token of support, G Hotel also presented RM1,000 cash to help ACS in their daily task to maintain the centre.

“In conjunction with the Christmas month, we are happy to share the joy with all the members at the centre.Aside from donating funds, engaging staffs in charitable programme brings a lot of meaning and fulfilment. It is certainly a fun outing day for all of us,” says Michael Hanratty.

As a leading hotel in Penang, G Hotel has always been a benevolent contributor to charitable causes in our community. G Hotel kicks-off its “We Care” programme this quarter with the adoption programme at Penang Stray Rescue Society as the first corporate social responsibility activity in 2018, followed by the visit to Madrasah Darul Ulum Al-hashimiyah as the second activity of the year and with this visit to ACS Stepping Stone Centre as the third.  

Previously, G Hotel has also organized numerous charitable outreach events since the opening in 2007, such as celebrating yearly festivals with the underprivileged, donating furniture to schools, cleaning of Gurney Drive area, mangrove rehabilitation programme, organizing F&B and hospitality educational classes for Homes and schools, Go Green Programme, caring for animals and many more.

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