AWkitchen is an authentic Italian cuisine with Japanese twists. It is named after the founder of the restaurant, Chef Akira Watanabe. Originated at Nakameguro, Tokyo, the restaurant boasting dishes made with abundant vegetables, pasta being its primary benefactor and create the most famous ‘Bagna Cauda’ in Japan. In 2014, AWkitchen open it first International store in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, under the establishment of Jaddi Foods. It is called to be one of the city’s destination restaurant for pasta and pizza. Following the successful of Pasta House AWkitchen, the third outlet open its door with a new concept called Pasta Marché AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe.

‘We would like to introduce a new concept of eating pasta and pizza. Purposely to promote a healthy balance meal with Chef Akira, Pasta Marché emphasize more on healthier choice,’ said Mr. Lowrenz Tanuwidjaja, Director of Operation AWkitchen. ‘Apart from that, at Pasta Marché customer could enjoy both pasta and pizza in a Japanese Italian Umami style.’

Chef Akira Watanabe has a strong passion in fresh vegetables. He loves to explore new ingredients and create exquisite dishes that enhance the natural flavor from all the ingredients. He then brings all the complexity of the flavor in to one dish which called as Umami dishes. Mix Japanese Mushrooms and Garlic Oil Pasta, Salmon Roe and Squid Pasta, Spicy Cod Roe Pizza, Tuna Pizza are some of Chef Akira Watanabe Umami creations.

Antipasto Misto

‘On this Chef’s Tasting Luncheon, we would like the customer to experience some of our new creation at AWkitchen Japan. There are Cacao Tariatelle with Cream Sauce of a Mix Mushroom, Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin with Truffle Butter Sauce and Matcha Opera Cake with Houjicha Ice Cream. We would like to introduce the pleasant savory taste that could tingling, satisfy and delight your taste bud,’ said Chef Akira Watanabe.

Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin with Truffle Butter Sauce

Successfully attract the public attention in Japan with his Bagna Cauda, Chef Akira Watanabe also will present his famous ‘Bagna Cauda’ using local Indonesian fresh vegetables which he selected carefully. It is etymologically related to Italian root, bagn-, meaning ‘bath’ and caldo, meaning ‘hot’. Bagna Cauda is a warm dip typical of Piedmont, Italy. The dish is served and consumed by dipping raw, boiled or roasted vegetables made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, butter or cream.

In Pasta Marché AWkitchen customer could indulge in AWkitchen’s famous Cold Pasta, Classic Italian Pasta and Pizza as well as Japanese Italian Umami selections.

Cacao Tariatelle with Cream Sauce of a Mix Mushroom

About AWkitchen

AWkitchen is an Italian cuisine restaurant with a Japanese Twist. It is named after the managing chef of the restaurant, Chef Akira Watanabe. In 2004, He opened his first Pasta House AWkitchen in Japan, well-known for his high quality pastas and ‘Bagna Cauda’.

Through his experience in Italy, Akira creates an exquisite authentic Italian cuisine using Japanese ingredients. Capellini in Lemon Cream Sauce with Tarabagani Crab and Cod Roe, Spaghettini in Garlic Oil with Spicy Cod Roe and Japanese Mushrooms, Spaghettini Cream Sauce Pasta with Sea Urchin are some of his famous creations.

In 2014, AWkitchen open it first International store in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, under the establishment of Jaddi Foods. Differ from AWkitchen in Japan which focus only in Pasta, AWkitchen Jakarta offers a variety of Pasta as well as Pizza which specially created by Chef Akira Watanabe for Indonesia loyal customer.

As for now, there are more than 20 restaurants including Pasta House AWkitchen Jakarta and Pasta Marché AWkitchen Jakarta.

About Jaddi Foods

Jaddi Foods was established in 1996, out of a vision anticipating the development, the ever growing population and its urbanization, and the stronger emerging middle class with steady increasing income in Indonesia. It was enough to see the demographic changes was also changing the upcoming life-style and increasing the demands for Cafes, hang-out places as well as International food varieties in every category market level.

With the vision, the company has consistently achieved remarkable growth since its inception by carefully selected and established a formation of F&B ventures to fill in the demands in every category market level. Dcrepes, Mixx Grill, AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe, Ambroze are some of the well- known ventures under the management of Jaddi Foods.