You’ve heard it’s will be published soon or under development right now, Some rumors are believed are true and false but some rumors i have collect some rumors about GTA VI is below this lines.



GTA VI will be Published after Red Dead Redemption 2?

This rumors believed real or maybe it’s not, because they’ve pause Red Dead Redemption 2 every it will be released.



of course this is FAKE, it just animated 3D Character with some visual effects and some FAKE R* Games Logo.

GTA VI mentioned in CV

Maybe this is real, because he mentioned it on his cv or maybe it’s just a joke?


Most biggest rumors that ever discussed in GTA Forums, only R* know how it’s elook like.GTA VI Maps


GTA VI Gameplay

Once again this is the most FAKE, it’s only a modded GTA V with some modification to look like not GTA V but they has failed.


80% True, Why they create the games if GTA V Players still have fun and it’s not 10 Years Enough after they developing GTA V.

Well it’s not R* fault to cancel Development Progress, it’s our fault to much mentioned GTA HOAX.

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