Shinjuku Ice Cream Soft Cake is a special creation by our chefs to satisfy the taste buds of a growing number of Indonesians appreciating great tasting desserts.

The first bite into our toasted soft cake will bring a smooth texture, coupled with a firm but soft aromatic bite. When eaten with the ice cream, and served our choice of Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Caramel or Maple syrup, it will bring out an unique experience of coldness from the ice cream and warmest from the soft cake. This will result in the ice cream melting and blending deliciously into the soft cake in your mouth.

Shinjuku Ice Cream soft cake will be launched on 20 May 2016. Secret Recipe hopes that this new dessert will satisfy the demands of its loyal customers.

Secret Recipe established its first outlet Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in 1997. In 2003, Secret Recipe Indonesia opened its first doors to Indonesian customers in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Secret Recipe has won numerous accolades over its decade in service, including several awards for its cakes which includes Best Marble Cheesecake, Best Moist Chocolate Cake, Best Chocolate Banana Cake in Malaysia, as well as the Best Tiramisu in Singapore. Under the food category, Secret Recipe has won several awards for its Tom Yum Kung Noodle, Irish Lamb Stew, as well as our Caribbean Fish Fillet in both Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok.Today, Secret Recipe Indonesia has a total of thirteen outlets.