Artotel Thamrin – Jakarta held a solo exhibition by Dwi Sutarjantono, entitled with “The Colors of Life” at ARTSPACE Mezzanine Floor on May 10 – June 10, 2016.

With A Colors of Life theme, this exhibition will be displayed with 10 painting artworks which painting about his colorful life, in each artworks has a characteristics and different meaning. Previously, he had won numerous awards in several competitions as well as carry out a cartoon exhibition together. This is his second exhibition after his first exhibition were pretty much in demand by many collectors. As curator of this exhibition, Dwi rely on one of the Biennale curators Jakarta, Bambang Asrini Widjarnako – see more! For Dwi, the color is a way to channeling the positive vibes distributed through paintings, and that is not only became the reality object of his paintings but also the things that captured as movement colors that give meaning to everyone who seen. “From childhood I liked to draw, doodle, and also join some various competitions. This talent is probably came from my late father who was a painter and also a teacher”, said Dwi Sutarjantono, whom also have a profession as a chief editor of a lifestyle magazine in Indonesia.

Art Manager of ARTOTEL Indonesia, Safrie Effendi said that ARTOTEL Indonesia has a vision and mission to supported Indonesian local artists to develop their works in order to give a positive value and promote Indonesian artists to the world, especially of the contemporary art. Through this exhibition expected to provide knowledge value of the art to the hotel guests of ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta in various society.

About the Artist –  Dwi Sutarjantono

The art talented, Dwi inherited his father as a teacher and painter graduated from ASRI (Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia). The habit of doodling and drawing as well as the passion for reading comics with easy confidence into a magazine illustrator in high school. Growing up, when studying in Yogyakarta at UGM (UGM), he hangs out and broaden the horizon of the writers and artists, including Landung Simatupang, Rudi Corens, Ardiyanto, and Eddie Hara.

Gain insight into the self-taught, he often makes cartoons, exhibitions and strives to make painting a backdrop for theatrical Gadjah Mada Yogjakarta. Had lived at Quebec, Canada, and activities in the arts festival in Reves D’automn in Baie St Paul. In the end he chose to become a journalist, which adds a wider knowledge of art to be a cultural editor. Dwi be overcooked by reviewing a variety of cultural and art exhibitions, as well as get along with artists such as Richard Winkler, Krijono and Mario Blanco, owner Putu Supadma Rudana Rudana Museum and International art dealer, Jais Darga; which humbly refer to them as teachers.