Country-style Cajun and Creole Cuisine – The Inspiration Behind TungLok Group’s First Western-seafood Restaurant

Dancing Crab brings the spirit of Louisiana dining to Jakarta, a city that knows how to get its hands dirty when it comes to hearty seafood dishes.

The Greetin’s

Welcome to Dancing Crab, serving a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine. Like Indonesia, New Orleans cuisine is a unique amalgamation of multiple cultures over time through trade, colonization, and immigration. It is a concept familiar to Indonesians with its convivial atmosphere and hearty seafood dishes.


The Eatin’s

Work in the kitchen for the concept started months back. Even with long hours of fine-tuning to ensure the best possible combination of spices and herbs, there was something still missing. After months of researching, A long time vision of TungLok’s founder Andrew Tjioe, and his nephew, Norman Hartono, came across age-old recipes from New Orleans as well as the rest of the United States, discovering a secret touch that finally gave Dancing Crab’s Seafood Boil a special depth that encapsulates the soul of Southern Louisiana cuisine. With this signature Seafood Boil, Dancing Crab could finally open its doors.

Freshness is also essential to Southern Louisiana cuisine. Backed by one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurant leaders, TungLok Group, Dancing Crab sources their shellfish from the same vendors used at the group’s best seafood restaurants. Dancing Crab’s offers a range of seafood from its signature Boston Lobster to Dungeness Crab.

Occasionally, you will see an impressive flame rise from the open kitchen stoves right in the middle of the dining floor. That would be the Flaming Moonshine Tiger Prawns. Served with three special sauces created by Celebrity chef Susur Lee, consultant and good friend of Andrew Tjioe, the tiger prawns are a house-favourite. The sauces are wasabi katsuo sauce, sweet wine chilli sauce, and lemon pickled chilli sauce. “There’s no such thing as too many starters” at Dancing Crab, including Spicy Cajun Fries, Crab Cakes, and New Orleans, Louisiana (often nicknamed NOLA) classics such as Po’Boy Sandwiches and a hearty Seafood Gumbo with a slight spicy kick.

Crab Seafood Combo in Zezty Garlic Butter

There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.

NOLA is known for its happy atmosphere, lively music, and high spirits. “Joie de vivre,” meaning “Enjoyment of life” is the city’s favorite motto. Dancing Crab brims with life, bringing the same enjoyment that has graced the doors of its Singapore and Tokyo outlets to its colorful new location at Lotte World Jakarta, welcoming its guests to eat, drink, and be merry!

Fried Oysters (2)

About TungLok Restaurants

Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd is Singapore’s leading innovative restaurant chain offering a distinct and multi-sensory dining experience at more than 40 restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan and India. Each outlet bears TungLok’s hallmark values of quality food, excellent service and unique dining concepts – a trinity that has led TungLok to win numerous accolades from the F&B industry. The Group is also a regular host to internationally acclaimed chefs during the prestigious World Gourmet Summit. Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Dancing Crab

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