Dream Factory @ Pullman Jakarta Central Park


La mise en Sommeil

Jakarta, June 24, 2013 – Achieving a good night sleep is very important to face the next day in better spirits. Because Pullman Jakarta Central Park truly understands and wishes to fulfill guests’ need, the hotel launches Dream Factory, a priceless and unique presentation for a perfect shuteye to remarkably dwindle mind races and ruminations from hustling activities, workload and travel time differences with an embelished peaceful night rest at your serene and tranquil room.

Through the service of Fit and Spa Lounge, Dream Factory is created and offered as the “Art of Putting You Asleep” by providing guests with pertinent and supportive tools: such as aromatheraphy treatments, special lamps, calming music, sleeping lamps, and face & linen mist.

It is generally known that listening to calming music could enhance cognitive function such as memory, concentration and reasoning skills. It also boosts the immune system, lower blood pressure, relaxes muscle tension, regulates stress hormones, elevates mood and increases endurance. Aromatherapy scents are used to treat stress. Sleeping lamps can be used to overcome tiredness and energy dips throughout the day. Face mist is designed to soothe and rejuvenate face. Meanwhile, linen mist has been formulatted to keep the wardrobe fresh.

In the menu of Dream Factory, there is a wide selection of a la carte and treatment packages. A la carte menu comes with 6 pillow selections. The rental rate is IDR 25,000 nett/ night. Relaxing Aromatherapy Eye Pillow is a perfect solution to relieve eye strain and eye fatigue. It is priced at IDR 25,000 nett/ night or it could be purchased at IDR 115,000 nett. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Scent which is designed to create calming aromatherapy scent by breaking up water and essential oils is priced at IDR 60,000 nett/ night or could be bought at IDR 525,000 nett. Aromatherapy Linen Spray brings the essential aroma of lavender, green tea, or rose scent.

Meanwhile, Aromatheeapy Face Spray has its floral scent of lavender, green tea, or rose. Both sprays could be purchased only at IDR 60,000 nett/ 100 ml bottle. Sleeping Lamp is good to be combined with aromatherapy eye pillow and ultrasonic diffuser to reach quality sleep. Price is at IDR 15,000 nett/ night and IDR 150,000 nett for the retail rate. Spa service is a pleasing massage from head to toe to relieve stress and calm tension.