Bid For Dinner With The World’s Greatest Chef At Sotheby’s


New Lots Added To elBulli Auction Including Dinner With Ferran Adrià and Exclusive elBulli Memorabilia

Hong Kong, March 2013 Sotheby’s is pleased to announce that additional lots have been added to the auctions of the elBullicellar. In addition to the range of superb wines, all of which will feature a specially designed elBulli sticker with many bottles signed by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler, the sale will now include dinner with the famed elBulli chef and a range of memorabilia and equipment that was used in the elBulli kitchen. The auctions, which take place on 3 April 2013 in Hong Kong and in New York on 26 April 2013, will benefit the elBullifoundation – an experimental centre looking at the process of culinary innovation and creativity.
Jamie Ritchie, President Sotheby’s Wine, Americas and Asia, said: “We are excited to offer food and wine lovers a chance to enjoy a part of the elBulli experience. In addition to wines from the cellar, the elBulli sales will include equipment, memorabilia and experiences all sold to benefit the charitable foundation founded by Chef Ferran Adrià. You might not have been able to go to the restaurant but a small part of elBulli is now available to enjoy in your home kitchen!”

The highlight of these new lots is the chance to enjoy dinner with Ferran Adrià who is widely recognised as the world’s most famous and greatest chef (opening bid: HK$40,000 / US$5,000). Four elBulli chefs jackets signed by Adrià are also available (opening bid: HK$8,000 / US$1,000 per jacket) as well as a set of elBulli knives (opening bid: HK$8,000 / US$1,000), and a large number of menus, wine lists and other pieces of elBulli stationary (opening bid: HK$2,000 / US$250 each).

The food at elBulli has been widely recognised as revolutionary, introducing the world to the concept of technoemotional gastronomy and setting new standards for restaurants around the world. Much of this unique food could only be served using equipment especially designed for the restaurant, several examples of which will be offered in the auctions including Mesh Trays (opening bid: HK$1,000/ US$150 per set) and Crockery for

Spherical Olives (opening bid: HK$1,000 / US$150 per set). Many of the pieces of kitchen hardware were designed specifically for use at the restaurant after the elBulli team realised that the equipment available to them was not of the level of the food that would be served on it. Examples of these unique pieces which were created by designers in both Barcelona and Switzerland include Baroque Metal Trays (opening bid: HK$1,000 / US$150 per set) and Corrugated Trays (opening bid: HK$2,000 / $250 per set). The structure of meals at elBulli was always important and this meant Petit Fours at the end of lunch or dinner. As they were essential to any elBulli meal, crockery was designed on which to serve them, several examples of which are available, each with an opening bid of HK$500/US$50 each.