The Sky Is No Longer The Limit


Space Tourism Program Launches in Indonesia

In our quest to create new and incredible lifetime experiences, we would like to introduce you to ‘Lynx’, a suborbital space flight that will be a pinnacle life event for the participant!

The ‘Lynx’ is XCOR Aerospace’s entry into the commercial reusable launch vehicle (RLV) market.  This two-seat, piloted space transport vehicle will take an adventurer on a half-hour suborbital space flight. Starting from a standing stop on a traditional airport runway, the craft takes off under rocket power, accelerates to Mach 2.5 as it rockets up to 60 kilometers (200,000 feet) in under 4 minutes followed by a 25 minute glide to a safe landing at the takeoff runway.

John Sutherland, Lifestyle Consultant in the luxury travel market, stated, “I’m extremely pleased and proud to announce that we are sole representatives of the ‘Lynx’ program in Indonesia as well as Singapore and delighted to be associated with this amazing product in Asia”.

“Of the 8 billion people on the planet Earth, only 500 or so have gone to where the Lynx will take a participant-Now that is very special,” noted Aerospace’s Chief Operating Officer,  Andrew Nelson.

Just like a conventional aircraft, Lynx is a horizontal take off and horizontal landing vehicle, but instead of a jet or piston engine, Lynx uses its own fully reusable rocket propulsion system to depart a runway and return safely.  This approach is unique compared to most other RLVs in development, such as conventional vertical rocket launches and air-launched winged rocket vehicles “dropped” at altitude from a jet powered mother ship.

The Lynx aircraft-like capabilities allow high tempo operations, up to four (4) flights per day, rapid call-up, fast turnaround between flights, low cost operations and maintenance, and a focus on safety and reliability.

Currently, the first flights are scheduled to take off from the Mojave Desert in California and in 2014 they will also be available from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao.

The passenger will be sitting next to renowned astronaut and space shuttle commander, Colonel Rick Searfoss, one of only seven men who have completed numerous space missions and has piloted XCOR rocket powered vehicles 50 times or more.

This remarkable program is now available for booking and first flights may take place as early as 2013. Safety is the overriding focus as the Lynx is prepared for first commercial flights.

“In my opinion this particular space adventure is going to attract a lot of attention due to the safety first approach from XCOR and the affordability of the program. It’s going to be interesting to see who wants to be among the first in Asia to experience it and I’m also taking enquiries for incentive groups of up to 10 people” (John B Sutherland)

“If you can dream it you can do it”

The cost of the 5 day program is $95,000 and a deposit of $50,000 is required at time of booking and if you wish to join the first 100 to go to outer space and be part of the ‘Founder Club’ the full amount of $95,000 needs to be paid in full.