Preserve Your Balance in Life by Saving More Silvery Gibbons


Bandung, February 21, 2013 – Perhaps, many of us perhaps are not familiar with the majesty that is the Silvery Gibbon (Hylobates Moloch). This species lives exclusively on the island of Java (Indonesia), where it lives in the most profound part of the rain forests and plays a crucial role in the ecosystem of its habitat.

Silvery Gibbons are on the brink of extinction with approximately less than 5,000 individuals in the wild.  Excessive deforestation and illegal poaching have contributed to the rapid decrease of this invaluable animal. The situation is such that today, their habitat is limited to three national parks only: Ujung Kulon, Gede-Pangrango Mountain, and Halimun Mountain.

As its commitment to sustainable development and to help the survival of the species, The Papandayan has signed a cooperation with the Yayasan Owa Jawa (Javan Gibbons Foundation) to launch a campaign expressing “Preserve your balance in life by saving more Silvery Gibbons”.

The partnership involves raising awareness by introducing the Silvery Gibbons to hotel guests through a variety of activities.  In exchange, guests at the Papandayan will have the opportunity to show their support by a donation of US$1 per stay.

Proceeds raised from this campaign will be donated in full to the Javan Gibbons Foundation and shall be used for the operation of the Javan Gibbon Centre (JGC) located in Lido, West Java.

The Javan Gibbon Centre takes under its protection donated or confiscated Silvery Gibbons from captive sources, usually local households. It is aimed at rehabilitating these ex-captive gibbons, restore their physical and psychological health; and encourage captive breeding based on sound conservation principles, established husbandry techniques and veterinary protocols, with a view to release suitable pairs and family groups into protected habitat.

Show that you care for the Silvery Gibbons, your forests and your environment.

About The Papandayan

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About Yayasan Owa Jawa (Javan Gibbon Foundation)

Yayasan Owa Jawa or the Javan Gibbon Foundation was established in 2001 with a mission to assist the Government of Indonesia to conserve and protect Silvery Gibbons.  As endemic species that depends heavily on the availability of rainforest, Silvery Gibbons need all the support of all stakeholders if it is to survive on the most densely populated island in Indonesia.  With only 2% of primary forest remaining on the island of Java, the Silvery Gibbons population continues to decrease by the day.  Without the support of all stakeholders the conservation and protection of Silvery Gibbons will continue to become an endless battle.  Yayasan Owa Jawa partner with a variety of organisations for the conservation of the species so it can continue its role to serve as the mascot of forest conservation on the island of Java.