Fortune PR is Now the Undisputed Southeast Asia PR Firm of the Year

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AFTER winning the “South-East Asia Consultancy of the Year” SABRE award from The Holmes Report last September, Fortune PR further established itself as the undisputed best PR firm in Southeast Asia by recently winning another almost similar award: “Southeast Asia Public Relations Agency of the Year” from another publication, Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The awarding night was held in Singapore on December 10, 2012 and attended by top executives from regional advertising and communications industry. Fortune PR, which is based in Jakarta (HQ) and Singapore (satellite), became the gold winner of the night with Edelman Public Relations Worldwide Pte Ltd (Singapore) as the silver winner and Edelman Malaysia as the bronze winner.  

“Being recognized by two international publications as the best PR firm in the region this year is a dream come true for us. We dedicate these awards to all our clients, partners and teams that have made this success possible,” said Indira Abidin, Managing Director.

This year, Fortune PR has been successfully planning and executing communications campaigns of various brands from various industries, including Citilink (aviation), Bank BTN (banking), Tupperware (FMCG), Seagate (technology), TATA Motors (automotive), and as well as the global activation of World Toilet Day 2012.    

According to the statement issued by Campaign Asia-Pacific, Fortune PR was awarded the gold winner of the category due to its strong vision, objective, and performance in 2012. The vision of Fortune PR is to improve the quality of life by adding value through impactful communications. This vision is based on the agency’s experience that communications has the power to improve the quality of life when focused on adding value and maximizing impact.  

Fortune PR’s objective for 2012 was to establish a strong foundation to accommodate the economic growth in Indonesia by strengthening its expertise in various industries. This objective was based on the fact that Indonesia has become ‘the next frontier’ after India and China.

A middle class with higher disposable income has been growing very rapidly and so has demand in communications services for brands to serve this growing market. To meet this demand, new business units were established to provide new income generation vehicles, build their brands, and penetrate different market landscapes.    

Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Agency of the Year competition is now in its 19th year, and is Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious awards, recognizing inspired leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance and overall achievements in the region’s advertising and communications industry. It is the only agency performance awards in the region with results tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the last nine years.

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  1. Well, to be honest, Edelman does PR for a bunch of poeple including Apple.But yeah, it’s not like they’re objective in this. Besides, look a the information on the study:The Edelman Annual Trust Barometer tracks the attitudes of nearly 2,000 opinion leaders around the world � which institutions, companies, sources of information they trust, what drives that trust, and the credibility of institutions. The seventh survey was conducted through 25-minute telephone interviews among nearly 2000 opinion leaders: 400 in the United States; 750 in Europe; 150 each in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain; 200 in China; and 150 each in Canada, Japan, Brazil and South Korea. All interviews were conducted in October 2005 by StrategyOne. Opinion leaders are defined as being between 35-64 years, college graduates with a household income of more than $75,000 or equivalent, and reporting a significant interest and engagement in the media, and in economic affairs and policy issuesThey don’t list the methodologies they used to build this list, or how they got the phone number list. I could use almost the exact same information listed there, and if I have a slightly different selection criteria, come up with a fact that not only is Ballmer and MS evil, but they wouldn’t even blink if you showed them films of Ballmer spit-roasting Lake Sammamish High School cheerleaders while wearing a red Speedo and a diamond tiara.*Just because a study shows something, doesn’t mean that the source info isn’t biased to hell and gone.*part of an actual quote from someone who perfectly meets the Edelman criteria.

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