Southeast Asian Delight @ Sailendra, JW Marriott


An enticing culinary journey across Southeast Asia at Sailendra Restaurant

Vietnamese Roll
Jakarta (October, 2012) – “Come and experience a different taste of Southeast Asia from now until 21st October at Sailendra Restaurant. We are serving the most authentic dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and of course Indonesia” said Daniel Kuser, executive chef.
To welcome the season of autumn, Sailendra Restaurant brings all the hype before entering winter with zillion of tantalizing dishes from Southeast Asia. Head to the most favorite buffet restaurant in town, Sailendra, and experience one-of-a-kind culinary journey. Savor few best signature dishes from Thailand, a truly delicious tom yum goong soup with tiger prawns and also a variety of curry specialties. Then head to Malaysia to devour mouth-watering local dishes from nasi lemak and rojak, which is known as their wild mix assorted fresh fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, cucumber, water spinach and more. The adventure will not stop until you transit to Singapore and dip your taste buds into the local’s hawker food which have been renowned as the country’s favorite and most delectable feast. Have a bite of the famous Singaporean chili crab, Hokkien noodles and the popular oyster omelet. Finally, make your way back home to Indonesia where we give you a twist of braised lamb shank cooked in rendang style, pepes ikan with garoupa fish and a lot more.
Tom Yum Soup
The Southeast Asian region with its multi-cultural population provides a wide range of delicious food with unique taste from each country. Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world; spicy, using a lot of seafood and herbs are the major ingredients. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Malaysian food is usually hot and spicy. They normally use rice or noodles as their main dish accompanied by meat, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes that are often steamed and very healthy. The Singaporean food culture speaks of a fusion of cultures from all over the world. From Malay food to Japanese cuisine, Western fast food joints to the typical Chinese restaurants, they have a good mix of delicacies to pick from. Indonesian cuisine is a little different, where diversity plays the main part in every dish. Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region, has many diverse influences and most of them are spicy.
Come to Sailendra Restaurant for lunch or dinner, where you can explore the best dishes from each country in one day. Acclaimed as the best international and brunch restaurant in Jakarta, Sailendra Restaurant serving only the top premium quality food by our award-winning culinary brigade and facilitated with free high speed WiFi internet access.
So, are you adventurous enough to try all them all? Available for lunch and dinner at Rp268.000++ per person and Rp288.000++ per person with free flow non-alcoholic beverage.
For more information and reservation, please contact (021) 5798 8888 
Fish Curry