Greening Need People Empowerment


MRS Tatiek Fauzi Bowo, the wife of Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo has put a lot of her concern on environment and health. On Wednesday, April 7th, she met Tim Penggerak PKK (Team  Mover of Family Empowerment and Welfare) Kebon Jeruk Municipal at Wisma Siti Mariam. Many of team members told her their experience, both sadness and happiness, being an empowerment team member. Mrs. Taty is always encouraging them to do the best for their neighbourhood and environment. She has an opinion to make Jakarta as a better place for living through people empowerment.

How you encourage people to take part in greening Jakarta?

We were encouraged team mover of PKK by its program. PKK has healthy and clean living program. In addition, we asked team to drive their neighbourhood to plant a tree if they have a empty space within their house. We do not always need a land to make Jakarta greener, we could use pot to plant a tree.
In your opinion, what people and government do due to greening of Jakarta?

PKK as Jakarta Provincial Government partner need to cooperate with society and government. We are also hope that people concern about their living environment. Such as at South Jakarta that move their activity to support Indonesian Government greening program “One Man, One Tree”. The First Lady also encouraged planting a tree whenever there is a birth.

What is your hope from PKK Team Move in greening Jakarta?

I hope that we were not only planting trees, but also to preserve. It is more important to preserve than to plant trees. We do not need to plant a specific plant or tree, we could plant vegetables that give additional income for family. Moreover, among them, they could share their knowledge and products. (Andreas Setiadi Sanusi)
The Jakarta Globe, April 12, 2010