Looking for Safety at the Big City


LIFE is getting rude. A lot of people try to get their luck by harming others. So, it’s not weird when crime level is getting high too. It is proved by a lot of crime news that are shown in television. Some of them are robbery, mistreatment, kidnapping, raping, rubbing etc. then, what we are supposed to do to protect ourselves from that kind of crime?

After the tragedy of May, 1998 and a lot of bomb explosion at the strategic places, there is a new trend of self protection. It is professional guardian services or bodyguard where one or more person doing guardian for a man who pays for them. A lot of things are considered of being the reasons. Such as when a woman is scared when stopping at a traffic light, there is some bad guys do robbery. Other is scared of being shoot at the street.

In the middle of paranoid society, professional guardian services business is got a large number of benefits. It is true that safety is one of human rights that can have by all of us. So, it is normal that people tries to keep their own safety for a great life and do their work without obstacles. In the progress of getting the safety feeling, people needs others help such as guardian services companies.

The user of bodyguard services is very varieties. There are celebrities, businessman, and an event organization when doing some big performances. Some people said that professional guardian services is more effective that the police. Their duties are those which can not be done by the police. For example, picking the celebrity up from the airport, guard her to the hotel, and at the stage.

‘’When doing a performance, using bodyguards are more effective. We can ask them to secure everything needed. While the police, we can not ask them for a detail job,’’ said Liberian Sananwirya from G-Production.

There is no difference between the celebrity society, those who have a good business or high position, are the user of the services. Just watch the bodyguards act to protect their boss. They will make sure that their boss can move without obstacles.

The growth of professional guardian services business is not only caused by the bad situation in big cities. There are a lot of companies doing some efficiency by paying for a lot of outsource guards. Security guard is one part of the professional guardian services. Most of the users are companies.

Usually, security guard work by a system named outsourcing. This system is an effect of the changing paradigm of the companies in securing their business. Companies are no longer doing the recruitment of the security guards by themselves. By outsourcing system, companies do not need to give health subsidy, retirement, others subsidy or training the guards using their own money.

To get a good security guards, the companies ask from other companies that serving the guards. So, they can concentrate in running their own business. Another problems will be running by other companies.

The security guards suppliers have their own tricks so the safety of the customer can be managed. One of the tricks is to keep a professional relation between security guards and the users. This is implemented by the rolling of the security guards at least every six month. To give their best services, the supplier must have acknowledge about the user, who and what they do.

A Price for a Safety Feeling
Life, with the good and bad side, actually keeps a lot of problems. One of those is the less of the secure feeling, exceedingly in big cities suck as Jakarta. This metropolitan city is being the best part to do some crimes. There is almost no secure place. The criminal usually robs a house using guns, and they are not afraid of hurting or killing everyone who hampers them.

Bodyguard actually is not an easy job. On the other way, it is a very dangerous job. Someone who wants to a bodyguard must be a strong person, physically and mentally. Bodyguard is identical with physically strength, so it’s so natural if there must be physically training. Mentally, bodyguard will find problems with this. A lot of problems come, mostly for woman bodyguard. It is normal when you found a woman bodyguard, because some women are interested in this profession also. Some users are not so comfortable by a man bodyguard nearby. If the bodyguard is a woman, it’s more convenient.

People who used professional guardian services must pay a lot for a safety feeling. The price can be calculated by hour or day. It depends on the risk it also depends on the quantity of the personnel.

For a guard with a high risk, the price for a bodyguard is about one to five million rupiah a day. Usually it is used to guard a big event such as music concert. But for private guardian with a low risk and it’s not a full day, the price is about Rp800.000.

Some of the professional guardian services companies give their price after discussing about the secure concept that being wanted. So, there is no fix price. The professional guardian services tariff depends on the qualification of the user. For example, it’s just a one night or 24 hours guardian. There might be additional equipment. For this, the price is about six to 15 millions a month.

For those who can not afford for the bodyguard service, must equipped themselves by security equipment. A businessman always put his guns together to his way to the office. Even though, he must pay a lot for the license. For a women, a least you must have a bottle of gas to protect your self. (Vriana Indriasari)