Do You Need to Redefine Your Definition of a Vacation?


DO you ever think about vacation? In our imagination, that “word” will call a time when we run away from our routine activity. Sure, you can imagine whatever and wherever your favorite vacation places. You can call a beach that stretched with white sands or a mountain with chill breeze, or even an uproarious nightclub in neighbor city. Anything you can call in your mind but you may not realize that what you have done was not even called vacation, although you have had some fun. In other words, your vacation is same as what have you do in weekend.

The big difference between the real vacations and just to pass few days of holiday can be seen when you are back in daily activities. The one who comes to office in a sour face, probably he is who just passed their holiday. “Oh…I must get money fast to pay my holiday debts” or “See! That was not a good idea to spent my vacation.” was roaring in his mind. Although they told about their “great vacation”, their body did not feel vigorous life that they got from their break. Alternately, you may meet some who are so lively when they are back from their vacation. That is one of example someone who is really gets in his or her vacation.

It is a pity when we hold on vacation to energize our body, mind, and perhaps our soul, but actually we did the same thing to our daily activities, which is we want to get rid off. We put our holiday and spent money in it, but without realized we have just put it on our daily routine like walking mouse track, same path every day. If you feel the same, it is the time you should see and take your vacation differently.

Before you take a trip, you should see your point of view in vacation differently. It is including how you feel and get in to your vacation. Those will help you not to regret your holidays. Another thing that must have been set up in your mind is vacation plan. A good plan will provide you so much fun in your vacation, but it is wise not too strict to your plan. Hey, this holiday not a work day, get loose.

Destination point will come next after we set up our mind. Indeed, there are many vacation preferences in us. To get in vacation, it is wiser to choose a destination with slower rhythm of life. Literally, we can said that we choose Ubud other than Kuta in Bali, Lombok than Bali to find an exotic scenery, or for Australia destination choose Perth rather than Sydney or Melbourne.

Perth is known as one of famous education city in Australia for example. Many of us loved to go to Sydney with its dynamic duo of tourism Opera House and Harbour Bridge, or Melbourne a lively big city, which is the second largest city in Australia. Only few people will choose Perth as their vacation destination and get indulge with the city and its surrounding regions.

As matter of fact Perth and its surrounding offer a great escape place, especially to couple that seek a romantic escape. The capital of Western Australia straddles the bank of the Swan River, which has beautiful scenery at days and covered with romantic atmosphere at night. 1.5 million Perth’s population made you feels the city live easily and it will get you into the city life rhythm. Be part of city life, take a walk in King’s Park botanical garden, Western Australian Museum, or see how gold ingot being made at Perth Mint. Feel the culinary journey at Perth; there are abundance of restaurants and cafes serving fresh produce and dining experience to suit your palate and wallet. Sipping a cup of excellent and crafted coffee at al fresco cafes on the vantage point of Northbridge Street will put an unforgettable memory in your mind. On the same street at night, there are nighttime venues ranging from bars through underground dance club and themed pubs, which offering wide music styles, creating an energetic night atmosphere.

235km to the south of Perth, we will find another treat from Western Australia. It called Margaret River and lots of thing we can do in this region. If you are a wine lover, you will notice in a blink of eyes that Margaret River is one of the best wine-producer in Australia. More than 60 wineries will serve us with its elegance and it will complete our wine journey. Moreover, the town is developing gradually to be a culinary destination. Top-notch feasts of Australian’s best chef are thing that not easily to be missed on vacation. Good food and of course fine wine wrapped in spectacular scenery will note a sweet memoir through your life.

We can find all amusements and experiences even in city like Perth. Be a traveler when you are in vacation, and not tourists. It seem similar, but being traveler and pull out your adventurous guts, then you will have so much fun even though in a little things, because you got in your vacation, you feel how the city or destination point breathing, and you enjoyed your vacation. Then, get back to work with lively and some tanned skin, and start to make your friends jealous when you tell them how you pass your holiday. (Andreas Setiadi Sanusi)

Jakarta Globe, May 06, 2009